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Are New York’s free LinkNYC internet kiosks tracking your movements? • The Intercept
Ava Kofman:
<p>Plans to replace the city’s payphone booth network with Wi-Fi-enabled kiosks were first announced by de Blasio in 2014. Less than a year later, the city awarded a contract to a chameleon-like consortium of private companies known as CityBridge. It was an attractive deal: LinkNYC kiosks, at no cost to the city, would provide free internet coverage to anyone walking by. CityBridge, in turn, would be responsible for the installation, ownership, and construction of the devices, with plans to earn back its expenses through advertising. The twin 55in displays will eventually carry targeted ads derived from the information collected about kiosk users.

These terms raised alarms among internet researchers and privacy experts, who were quick to point out that nothing in life is truly free. “As we know,” Benjamin Dean, a technology policy analyst, told attendees at a New York hacking conference in 2016, “When you’re not paying, you’re not the customer — you’re the product.”

The key player in CityBridge is known as Intersection, and one of Intersection’s largest investors is Sidewalk Labs, with whom it also shares the same offices and staff. Sidewalk Labs CEO Daniel Doctoroff is the chair of Intersection’s board. Sidewalk Labs is owned by Google’s holding company, Alphabet Inc. In other words, the plan to blanket New York City with 7,500 camera-equipped obelisks has been largely underwritten by the company formerly known as Google — a corporation whose business model depends on selling your personal information to advertisers.</p>
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55 minutes ago by charlesarthur
Leave no dark corner - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Dandan Fan's every move will soon be watched and judged by her government, and she's happy about that. Social credit will unite Big Brother and big data to coerce more than a billion people.
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5 hours ago by jackhardinges
News Releases : February 9, 2015 : Hitachi Global
No word on the ability to target individuals… but I'm sure it's in there. Also, how long until someone figures out the patterns and how to exploit them?
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2 days ago by Nachimir
Userfriendly , free coming. Have a nice drive - with your new co-driver
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