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XinSSS/Conf-for-Surge-Shadowrocket: Surge Shadowrocket conf
Surge Shadowrocket conf. Contribute to XinSSS/Conf-for-Surge-Shadowrocket development by creating an account on GitHub.
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9 weeks ago by ywz
Surge for macOS 通過前置代理支持 SSR 和 V2Ray 等代理工具 · nliu
v2ray = external,exec = "/usr/local/bin/v2ray/v2ray",args = "-config=/usr/local/bin/v2ray/config.json",local-port = 10000,addresses =
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january 2019 by jinwik
Surge Synthesizer Releases | surge
Surge Synthesizer plug-in (Vember Audio Surge)
windows  osx  mac  plugin  audiounit  synthesizer  vst  freeware  audio  surge  au  macos  free  pc  synth 
january 2019 by cla
GitHub - Hackl0us/SS-Rule-Snippet: 搜集、整理、维护 Surge / Quantumult / Shadowrocket / Surfboard / clash(X) / shuttle 实用规则。
搜集、整理、维护 Surge / Quantumult / Shadowrocket / Surfboard / clash(X) / shuttle 实用规则。 - Hackl0us/SS-Rule-Snippet
december 2018 by carrionlee

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