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Microsoft Unveils Surface Family and Southeast Asia's First Surface Store
With its characteristic kickstand and detachable keyboard, the Surface Pro line had been the face of Microsoft’s Surface lineup. With native stylus support and unparalleled portability, the Surface Pro had appealed to students, professionals and creatives alike. Just yesterday, Microsoft unveiled the Surface family for the first time in Singapore, in conjunction with an official...

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Microsoft  Unveils  Surface  Family  and  Southeast  Asia’s  First  Store 
10 days ago by vrzone
Ductile Flow 1991 - YouTube
Ductile Flow — SIGGRAPH — video supplement to paper “Adaptive Polyhedral Resampling for Vertex Flow Animation” Craig Reynolds 1991
ductile  flow  animation  subdivision  mesh  adaptive  polyhedra  geometry  shape  surface  procedural  3d  graphics  siggraph 
16 days ago by cwr
New post (Deep. Ocean Wallpaper) has been published on Best Images Collections HD Fo…
ocean  surface  hurts  water  from twitter
6 weeks ago by wotek
Surface Pro 4 owners are putting their tablets in freezers to fix screen flickering issues - The Verge
The flickering appears to be a hardware issue, which occurs after the device heats up during use. “We are aware that some customers have experienced a screen flicker on Surface Pro 4 and are monitoring the situation closely,” says a Microsoft spokesperson, in a statement to The Verge. Customers impacted by this should contact Microsoft support.”
Microsoft  surface 
6 weeks ago by jasonsamuels
Microsoft Bringing Surface Studio and Surface Book 2 to Singapore
Microsoft has recently announced that Surface Studio and Surface Book 2 will be coming to Singapore. In fact, they are now available for pre-order from the Microsoft store and authorised retailers Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, LOL by Epicentre, Harvey Norman and Newstead. You can also pre-order the Microsoft Surface Studio at AsiaPac Distribution, JK Technology, and...

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Microsoft  Bringing  Surface  Studio  and  Book  2  to  Singapore 
6 weeks ago by vrzone egrips EG-30P-CL-S Clear Anti-Slip Kit - Universal Grip Stickers for Mobile Cell Phone, Remotes, Handheld Devices, etc - Strong Adhesive - Flat Surfaces Only - Not for Phone Sides, 30 Piece: Computers & Accessories
Buy egrips EG-30P-CL-S Clear Anti-Slip Kit - Universal Grip Stickers for Mobile Cell Phone, Remotes, Handheld Devices, etc - Strong Adhesive - Flat Surfaces Only - Not for Phone Sides, 30 Piece: Cases - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
grip  tape  electronics  skid  slip  surface 
6 weeks ago by lgtout
OSA | Achieving cryogenic temperatures in deep space using a coating
FISO briefing has more, but a pressed powder of BaF2 used for tank coating and thermal standoffs for a LOx tank in space might allow storage of LOx without a crycooler (with the risk of LOx freezing out in deeper space!) due to reradiation
BaF2  heat  rejection  optical  surface  coating  thermal  management  cyrogenic  materials  science  research  technology  tank  space 
8 weeks ago by asteroza
Microsoft Announces Surface Laptop for Singapore
Microsoft announced that the Surface Laptop will be available in Singapore from 24 January. Preorders will start on 10th January at the Microsoft Store as well as authorised retailers, including Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, LOL by Epicentre, Harvey Norman and Newstead. Surface Laptop will also be available for pre-orders for commercial customers via Authorized Device...

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Microsoft  Announces  Surface  Laptop  for  Singapore 
8 weeks ago by vrzone
350 Hardsurface Alpha Pack by J Roscinas
More than 350 Hardsurface alpha textures in this set. A lot of time and effort went into this project, taking more than 150 hours to complete! Inspired by iconic designs, created for the people that want to speed up their hardsurface object creation process and improve/enhance the final result. Alpha Maps are 2048x2048 and 16bit of depth. Best to use with: • ZBrush. • Mari. • Substance Painter. • Substance Designer. • Blender. • Quixel. • 3Dcoat. • 4Dcinema. • Mudbox. Author: Artstation: Company: Portfolio: Instagram:
surface  3d  model  texture  alpha 
9 weeks ago by tranqy

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