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Microsoft’s $399 Surface Go aims to stand out from iPads or Chromebooks • The Verge
Tom Warren:
<p>Microsoft’s new Surface Go is finally official after months of rumors and leaks. It’s an inexpensive 10-inch tablet designed to be a smaller and less powerful version of the Surface Pro. While the exterior of the Surface Go makes it look like a baby Surface Pro, Microsoft has changed a lot inside. The base model is priced at $399, but it only ships with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of slower eMMC storage, and a less powerful Intel Pentium Gold processor. Prices quickly jump to over $600 after adding the all important Type Cover, more RAM, a faster SSD, and other Surface add-ons. With these specs and price points in mind, who exactly is the Surface Go for?

Microsoft isn’t targeting its Surface Go at any particular customer from what I can tell. It’s not an iPad killer, it’s not going directly after Chromebooks, and it’s not really challenging $400 Windows laptops…

…It’s natural to compare the Surface Go to Apple’s iPad, but the two are not like-for-like competitors. Apple’s base model iPad is priced at $329. If you only want a pure tablet, the Surface Go won’t offer the best experience as it doesn’t have the 1.3 million apps that are designed and optimized for the iPad. Let’s face it: if you’re going to buy just a tablet, the iPad is the only one worth buying right now.</p>

OK, that's one way of "standing out from" iPads and Chromebooks. It's a good enough product for the price, but who, truly, is it for? Sadly, there's no outside comment (from, say, analysts who watch the marketplace) so you'll just have to guess.
surface  ipad  microsoft 
6 days ago by charlesarthur
Surface Go Hands-on: The iPad Meets Its Match
A successor of sorts to the discontinued Surface 3, the Surface Go ($399 to start) targets mobile workers, students and anyone on the move who doesn't want to lug around a traditional laptop. Based on my impressions, this is a well-made tablet that weighs just 1.15 pounds. It feels a lot more premium than the starting price might suggest
Microsoft  surface  tablet  gadgetluv 
6 days ago by jasonsamuels
The $399 Surface Go Is Microsoft’s Smallest, Cheapest Surface Device Yet
Lightweight, compact and powerful, the 10-inch Microsoft’s Surface Go is aimed at busy professionals. After plenty of rumours and speculation, Microsoft’s launch of the Surface Go entrenches its Surface line into a new product category, one between the popular iPad Pro and its own line of 2-in-1 Surface Pro devices. Launched today, the Surface Go...

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The  $399  Surface  Go  Is  Microsoft’s  Smallest  Cheapest  Device  Yet 
7 days ago by vrzone
New Microsoft Surface Specs, Release Date Reportedly Leaked
Another user, claiming to be an insider, said the device will feature a 10-inch, 1800 x 1200 display, weigh approximately 1.2 pounds and include USB Type-C and microSD ports. The self-proclaimed inside man also said it will be "available in 4GB RAM / 64GB storage, 8/128, 8/128 LTE and 8/256 LTE SKUs, but I don't think all of them will come out in one go." The user's prediction of a Pentium processor matches previous rumors, as does their $399 pricing. But take all of that with a grain of salt, as this user didn't specify where they're getting their information.
Microsoft  surface  tablet  rumor 
7 days ago by jasonsamuels
The Surface Book 2 is everything the MacBook Pro should be - Charged
I'm back to say I was wrong, and I've found a machine that not only matches Apple's standard of hardware quality, but goes far beyond it to demonstrate how a laptop of the future should work. That machine is the 15-inch Surface Book 2 and somehow Microsoft has made the 2-in-1 that Apple should've been building all along, to the same level of quality I'd expect from anyone other than Microsoft.
hardware  laptop  windows  apple  macbook  surface  book  review  microsoft  tablet 
11 days ago by fjordaan
Surface Phone Leak Reveals Dual Screens, 360 Hinge
In May, an earlier Windows 10 build alluded to "Andromeda OS" and "Factory OS Andromeda Device." Andromeda is a code name that Microsoft attaches to new versions of Windows for specific devices, meaning this could be referring to a new OS for the Surface Phone. The code also contained Windows Core, a modular version of Windows that could incorporate cellular capability. 
windows  phone  rumor  surface 
17 days ago by jasonsamuels

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