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AFO Fire Ball, ABC Fire Extinguisher, Fire Suppression Device, Fire Safety Product With Sign - -
Interesting, a ball of fire extinguisher. It melts/expands over a fire, so stick it over something that might catch fire and it will effectively snuff itself out, without some fancy halon system.
fire  extinguisher  automatic  suppression  safety  hardware  ball 
8 weeks ago by asteroza
The Man Behind the Pill Decided Women 'Need' to Have Periods—But They Don't - Broadly
If you're on the birth control pill, you're most likely going through withdrawal bleeding once a month. But there's no medical reason for having a simulated period every three weeks.
contraceptives  bleeding  catholic  church  Women's_Studies  gender  health  identity  menstruation  oral  periods  pills  placebo  politics  sexuality  sex  rights  reproductive  suppression  spotting  vice  witchcraft  women  withdrawal 
january 2019 by xer0x
What We Must Do Now: Abrams, Georgia & Something Extraordinary - Greg Palast
A week ago, I received a call from Stacey Abrams’ lead attorneys. Our investigative team had “gold,” as they put it, for litigating the election: Expert analysis proving 340,134 voters were wrongly purged by her opponent when he was Secretary of State. Plus, we had, on camera, victims of the purge, including the 92-year-old cousin of Martin Luther King.
Stacey Abrams, Greg Palast review Georgia Purge list 2014 – Photo by Zach D Roberts

But I’m a journalist, not a campaign operative. I could only offer my reports and my affidavit filed in federal court in Common Cause v. Brian Kemp.

With Abrams no longer in the race for Governor, we are now free to open our files to her new voting rights group, Fair Fight Georgia.

Abrams, in her I-won’t-concede speech on Friday, cited one victim of the purge: 92-year-old Christine Jordan. I filmed Jordan on Election Day at the polling station she’d voted at for fifty years. Until this year, when her name was simply wiped off the voter rolls.

That should give “Governor-elect” Kemp pause. Because that’s the signal that this heartbreaking story will become the hammer to smash the Kemp-created Jim Crow machine.

(And Ms. Jordan is up to the task, telling me she’s willing to take the fight into federal court, “If somebody will help me walk there.”)

The immediate weapon will be litigation against the State of Georgia to show that the election was hopelessly tainted, which, under Georgia statute, could result in a court throwing out the whole rotting dung-heap of an election. That is why Abrams technically did not concede, but rather dropped her claim to office. (Lawyers will understand that she has to maintain “standing.”)
Georgia  Stacy_Abrams  Brian_Kemp  election  fraud  voter  suppression  governor 
november 2018 by Quercki
Mississippi GOP Sen. Hyde-Smith calls voter suppression 'great idea.' Campaign: 'Obviously' joking.
The Republicans have been playing the same “joke” since the passage of civil rights legislation.
GOP  Republicans  Voting  Elections  Suppression 
november 2018 by Membranophonist
Mute Background Noise | Noise Cancelling Software | krisp
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for a background noise. Get krisp for Mac and use with any conferecing app!
sound  background  suppression  noise  dnn 
november 2018 by gnuf
Thousands of Native voters in North Dakota getting free IDs By BLAKE NICHOLSON today
October 31, 2018
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Efforts by American Indian tribes in North Dakota to provide free identification with street addresses to thousands of members in advance of Tuesday’s election are cutting into the number of Native Americans who could potentially be turned away at the polls for lack of a proper ID under recently tightened state rules.

The free programs launched with the help of groups including the Lakota People’s Law Project and the Four Directions nonprofit so far have provided more than 2,000 voters on four reservations with the proper credentials. The effort to ensure a strong Native American vote comes amid uproar over what some believe is an attempt to suppress their votes.

“We’re at our best in crisis,” said Phyllis Young, an organizer on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation for the Lakota People’s Law Project, adding that the issue “is only making us more aware of our rights, more energized, and more likely to vote this November.”

Stricter voter ID rules are taking effect after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling earlier this month allowed the state to continue requiring street addresses, as opposed to other addresses such as post office boxes. Street addresses have never been important in the Native American culture, and many tribal members aren’t aware of their address, don’t have a provable one because they’re homeless or stay with friends or relatives, or can’t afford to get an updated ID with a street address assigned through the statewide 911 system.

A federal lawsuit filed Tuesday by the Spirit Lake Sioux also alleges that the 911 system on reservations is “characterized by disarray, errors, confusion, and missing or conflicting addresses.” It seeks to have the residential address requirement ruled unconstitutional as it applies to Native American voters, and asks for an emergency order while the lawsuit proceeds barring the state from enforcing the requirement on Native Americans on or near reservations or who are at risk of disenfranchisement.
North  Dakota  Natives  suppressing  voting  rights  Native  Americans  Supreme  Court  vote  suppression  state  Republican  majority 
november 2018 by nynate17
Programs affiliated with Native American tribes provide free IDs in North Dakota
BY EMILY BIRNBAUM - 10/31/18 05:40 PM EDT

Multiple Native American tribes in North Dakota have launched programs to provide tribal members with free ID cards ahead of the midterm elections, according to a new Associated Press report.

The Standing Rock Sioux, Spirit Lake Sioux, Turtle Mountain Chippewa and Three Affiliated Tribes have all launched programs that have successfully given free IDs to thousands of Native Americans, the news service reported.

Together, the programs have disseminated a total of more than 2,000 IDs.

A Supreme Court ruling earlier this month upheld North Dakota rules that require voters to provide identification with street addresses. This rule would have disenfranchised around 5,000 Native Americans who did not psossess a qualifying voter ID under state rules, the AP reported.

Voting rights activists in the state say knowing one's address is not particularly important in Native American culture. Many tribal members in the state either don't know their home address, don't have one, or can't afford to get an updated ID.

The Lakota People's Law Project and the Four Directions nonprofit have helped to coordinate the dissemination of free IDs with proper street addresses to people who did not previously have them ahead of the November elections, the AP reported. The groups say the new Supreme Court ruling and state rules amount to voter suppression of Native people.

"We're at our best in crisis," Phyllis Young, an organizer for the Lakota People's Law Project, told the AP. "[This] is only making us more aware of our rights, more energized, and more likely to vote this November."

The effort comes as Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D) is seeking to defend her seat against a strong challenge from Rep. Kevin Cramer (R).

A recent poll found Heitkamp trailing Kramer by 16 points.
2810  Native  American  AmericanIndian  voting  rights  North  Dakota  ID  address  Supreme  Court  voter  suppression 
november 2018 by nynate17
How To Steal Georgia in 7 minutes
While Greg Palast's schtick is pretty annoying, his investigative skills are on point. His election reporting is always must watch/read. While many of us know voter suppression is alive and well across the this country, Palast knows how to hone in on exactly what and how it's happening--in all it's lurid drama. In Georgia, Stacy Abrams is the first black woman to be a major party's nominee for governor, but her opponent is a white racist who also happens to be the Secretary of State, meaning he oversees the elections and the many facets of voter suppression.
elections  voter  suppression  racism 
october 2018 by jbuzz

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