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Social Engineering: Beware of ‘Tech Support’ Scams | The Mac Security Blog
It begins with a simple phone call. A scratchy voice, often sounding distant and foreign, introduces the caller as "John," or "Steven," but the accent suggests otherwise. The caller claims to be calling from Microsoft tech support, and says that there's a problem with your computer. If you say that you have a Mac, they either hang up or say, "Yes, sorry, you have a Mac."
And so begins an attempt at social engineering (social hacking), a way of conning people into allowing an unknown person to access their computer, possibly copy files, and eventually getting them to pay for this "tech support." The scammer strings the user along, leads them to supposed "error" messages and malware files on their computer, and gets them to install software allowing the scammer to access their files.
Even though Microsoft recently stated that only 183,000 had reported this type of scam to the company in 2017, that's probably just a fraction of the number of people who get contacted; it's a very common scam. Most tech-savvy people know that this is a scam and just hang up, but as with phishing scams, it only takes a few people to be tricked to make the scam worthwhile.
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Donald Trump Jr met Gulf states emissary offering election help – report | US news | The Guardian
Alleged help to trump campaign against Clinton - from Saudi Arabia UAE Israel - All illegal
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yesterday by csrollyson
Rapid response: how we fixed our on call process to avoid engineer burnout - Inside Intercom
Ensuring that Intercom has great uptime requires a rapid response when things go wrong, and that means having engineers on call to solve problems when they occur. This is how we developed an effective, sustainable on call process for our teams.
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yesterday by raygrasso
Front | The shared inbox for teams
Can act as a helpdesk/customer support app by providing a shared inbox, notes, and assignments across channels.
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Please Maxwell's 🐕 Maximum Plan here 😀
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