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ICYMI: Top Enterprise Asset Management & influencers on

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19 hours ago by TomRaftery
: the impact of business networks on the digital , a conversation with of
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7 days ago by TomRaftery
36C3 - Open Source is Insufficient to Solve Trust Problems in Hardware - YouTube
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18 days ago by rdump
Can We Build Trustable Hardware? « bunnie's blog
Based on these experiences, I’ve concluded that open hardware is precisely as trustworthy as closed hardware. Which is to say, I have no inherent reason to trust either at all. While open hardware has the opportunity to empower users to innovate and embody a more correct and transparent design intent than closed hardware, at the end of the day any hardware of sufficient complexity is not practical to verify, whether open or closed. Even if we published the complete mask set for a modern billion-transistor CPU, this “source code” is meaningless without a practical method to verify an equivalence between the mask set and the chip in your possession down to a near-atomic level without simultaneously destroying the CPU.
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25 days ago by euler
RT : ICYMI: This is a great on how the growth of the digital is impacting modern…
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26 days ago by TomRaftery
~> If your kids can use a smartphone, they can also use anyone of these👇🏽
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5 weeks ago by TomRaftery

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