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Using an phone? Check this player with inside!
Superfeedr  android  podcast  from twitter
july 2015 by superfeedr
Superfeedr Jquery
Superfeedr with (how to replace Google Feeds)
Jquery  superfeedr  from twitter
june 2015 by superfeedr
Superfeedr : RSS streaming
Today, we’re moving forward by adding HTTP streaming support to the RSS stored in Superfeedr. In English, this mean, you can ask Superfeedr something like this:

Please, give me the last 5 items from that feed, but keep the connection open and give me any new item that’s coming for as long as I’m listening.
Superfeedr  RSS  feed  HTTP  streaming 
july 2014 by garyburge
A Jquery plugin to access Superfeedr's retrieve API
Superfeedr  jQuery  RSS  feed  plugins 
july 2014 by garyburge
superfeedr/Superfeedr.php · GitHub
Are you using ? We just updated the library: to use our newest endpoint! cc
superfeedr  PHP  from twitter
february 2014 by superfeedr
If you're using , check our module. It's been updated to include retrieval of past entries.
superfeedr  npm  nodejs  from twitter
january 2014 by superfeedr
PuSH is great because instead of downloading the entire feed over and over again, PuSH sends new content to Feedbin making it so articles show up right after they are published. Feedbin already has thousands of articles getting pushed every hour. (via Feedbin Blog)
feedbin  push  pubsubhubbub  superfeedr 
december 2013 by cpoetter

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