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SuperCollider Users New (Use this!!!!) - Granular Synthesis Clouds
// Instead of 5 whole sound files, read 5 chunks of the same file
a =, "sounds/a11wlk01.wav", 0, 20000);
b =, "sounds/a11wlk01.wav", 20000, 20000);
c =, "sounds/a11wlk01.wav", 40000, 20000);
d =, "sounds/a11wlk01.wav", 60000, 20000);
e =, "sounds/a11wlk01.wav", 80000, 20000);

f = [a, b, c, d, e];

z = SynthDef(\grains, {arg gate = 1, freq = 1;
        var grains, trig, buffers, curbuf;
        buffers = Control.names(\buffers).kr(Array.fill(5, {0}));
        trig =;
        curbuf = * 0.2, 0).range(0, 4), buffers);
        grains =, trig, 0.1, curbuf, 1, 0);, grains *[0, 1, 0], [2, 2], [4, -4], 1),  
gate, doneAction: 2))

// hear each grain - contents are different as it cycles through the  
n = Synth(\grains, [\buffers, f, \freq, 1]);


n = Synth(\grains, [\buffers, f, \freq, 100]);

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20 days ago by mikerugnetta
from Jon Williams' Twitter

"For my use, I collected some 16384 (2^14) DX7 Sysex bank presets from the internet and converted it to some integer sequences to read it from Supercollider."
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4 weeks ago by cosmic
Live coding music environment
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12 weeks ago by nelson

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