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Stonehenge in your city
There are many streets in the cities which are aligned along the direction of rising sun of the solstice. I have found all of them. Unfortunately I don't know whether these alignments are intentional or just happen to be such on statistical basis. If you know the story of a such street, please send me a quick email and I will add this information.
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7 days ago by Katchoo
RT : Today's Sunset in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco, California, USA. License: CC BY 4.0
sf  oceanbeach  sunset  from twitter
13 days ago by benny
RT : Today's Sunset in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco, California, USA. License: CC BY 4.0
oceanbeach  sunset  sf  from twitter
18 days ago by benny
After a stunning sunrise today, dusk was pretty impressive too
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23 days ago by datz53
Another gorgeous Maui sunset with dawnflower @ Kaʻanapali Beach W…
kaanapalibeach  maui  sunset  shotoniphone11pro  from twitter
26 days ago by pixel

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