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: Want to see what the north pole of the looks like? ’s Proba-2 has pieced…
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8 days ago by shaneisley
Frustration with Coronado SolarMax II 60 - Solar Observing and Imaging - Cloudy Nights
I recently received a Coronado SolarMax II 60mm filter set that I am using on a TeleVue TV76 scope. While the disk features have been few, there have been quite a few prominences to view. If your filter is tuned and operating properly you should have seen some prominences over the past few weeks. I usually check the GONG H-alpha network to see what is happening. The prominences shown in their images should be visible in your scope.

Having said that, I would also like someone to describe thei...
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15 days ago by black_pignouf
Favorite: Sachsenwald, by digital_underground
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4 weeks ago by pauljacobson
SUpraudit - An actually useful praudit(1) for MacOS
You may or may not be familiar with BSM auditing. A legacy of the dearly departed Solaris OS, which lives on in FreeBSD, Linux and - of course - MacOS. Auditing is detailed in my *OS Internals::Security & Insecurity's Chapter 2, and is one of the diamonds in the rough as far as system monitoring is concerned. Though not as powerful as the MAC Framework (and unable to proact, only react to operations), no other framework combines the ease of live monitoring with the advantages of pure user mode. The kernel is still very much involved - but you neither can nor should modify its auditing logic, which is enabled by default.

Apple took the set of default Solaris tools (namely, praudit(1), auditreduce and audit(8), and hasn't really invested in them. At all. Notably, praudit(1), which is used to print audit records from files in /var/audit and the /dev/auditpipe, is a pretty terrible tool that is not grep(1) friendly even when used with -l (single line output). And its XML output (-x) isn't that shabby either.
bsd  security  sun  osx  utility  openbsm 
5 weeks ago by horshacktest
Sunfolding Simplified Solar Trackers
Using air bladder actuators to make a sun tracker for a solar panel. So should be simple valves, no heavy motors...
air  bladder  actuator  sun  tracker  hardware  solar  panel 
6 weeks ago by asteroza

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