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kelleigh: Voir Dire [And Nothing But The Truth]
Written as one of two fics dealing with Sharp Dressed Men. Apparently I have a suit-kink. Simpler and shorter of the two, and I'm fairly sure there's plenty of actual porn with this same plot. In fact this is pretty much boy-meet-boy porn, and hey, what's better? Also, jury duty was nothing like this.
suit!kink  j2  au  author:kelleigh  kink  rps  bottom!jensen  slash  pwp  first-time 
september 2011 by kitewithfish

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au  author:kelleigh  bottom!jensen  fanfiction  first-time  hot  j2  jealousy-possessiveness  kink-meme  kink  mark/eduardo  pwp  rps  slash  social-network  voyeurism 

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