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I did not write this but have permission to share. Just saw this elsewhere on the internet in reference to recent events. For obvious reasons (at...
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3 days ago by nico
Suicide prevention, awareness training coming to Walla Walla | Walla Walla Union Bulletin
The Forefront Suicide Prevention organization with the University of Washington will present a “Safer Homes, Suicide Aware” workshop in Walla Walla on Saturday.
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11 days ago by uwnews
Suicide rate growing in Alabama and across the nation
"When you do a psychological autopsy and go and look carefully at medical records and talk to family members of the victims," he said, "90 percent will have evidence of a mental health condition." That indicates a large portion weren't diagnosed, "which suggests to me that they're not getting the help they need," he said.

Cultural attitudes may play a part. Those without a known mental health condition, according to the report, were more likely to be male and belong to a racial or ethnic minority

"The data supports what we know about that notion," Gordon said. "Men and Hispanics especially are less likely to seek help."

The problems most frequently associated with suicide, according to the study, are strained relationships; life stressors, often involving work or finances; and recent or impending crises. The most important takeaway, mental health professionals say, is that suicide is not only an issue for the mentally ill but for anyone struggling with serious lifestyle issues.
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15 days ago by campylobacter
Sharp increase in gun suicides signals growing public health crisis | NPR
The conversation around gun violence in the U.S. usually focuses on homicides, urban crime and mass shootings. But the overwhelming majority of gun deaths in America don't involve bad guys with guns. They're caused by people deliberately harming themselves. Jennifer Stuber, policy director of Forefront Suicide Prevention at the UW, is quoted.
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18 days ago by uwnews

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