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Too much fructose can damage your liver, just like too much alcohol
sugar  liver  damage  health 
3 days ago by soobrosa
Consuming Less Sugar Leads to Better Oral Health!
You’ve probably heard this before, but consuming less sugar really does lead to better oral health.
oral  health  sugar  improving 
7 days ago by Adventure_Web
Sugar industry withheld possible evidence of cancer link 50 years ago, researchers say | PBS NewsHour
Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco, said they have uncovered documents demonstrating that members of the sugar industry called off a study, named Project 259, in the 1960s because it linked sucrose — a common sugar — to heart disease and bladder cancer in preliminary experiments.
sugar  history  health  cancer  science  diet 
13 days ago by soobrosa
Is Sugar Slowly Killing Us? My conversation with Gary Taubes
Science writer Gary Taubes takes on Big Sugar, breaks down the rise of obesity and diabetes in America, and busts the myth that a calorie is just a calorie.
Sugar  Diabetes 
16 days ago by snivitz
Sugar industry withheld research into effects of sucrose 50 years ago, study claims | Science | The Guardian
Researchers say negative health impacts of sucrose could have been combated sooner had research been released – but industry bodies dispute the findings
sugar  Health  guardian 
17 days ago by jorgebarba

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