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A Quiet Conversation With A Young Prince - Siddha Performance
Me: Your suffering does not come from conquest. Your suffering comes from the significance that you attach to it.

You: Do you not believe conquest to be significant?

Me: Tell me, young prince. If you do not conquer, will you one day die?

You: Yes.

Me: If you succeed in conquering, will you one day die?

You: Yes.

Me: Then how can there be any significance?


Me: My dear prince, the bliss is in the conquering. Suffering is in the “having conquered.”

You: No significance.

Me: Indeed, young prince . . . Indeed.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Almost 70% of disabled people say cuts to ESA will cause their health to suffer and half may return to work later | Disability Benefits Consortium
Ahead of key debate on Welfare Reform and Work Bill [27 October 2015] the DBC calls on Government to stop £30-a-week cut to ESA for new claimants Almost 7 in 10 (69%) disabled people surveyed say cuts to ESA will cause … Continue reading → via Almost 70% of disabled people say cuts to ESA will cause their health to suffer and half may return to work later
IFTTT  Almost  70%  of  disabled  people  say  cuts  to  ESA  will  cause  their  health  suffer  and  half  may  return  work  later 
october 2015 by davidmarsden

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