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Guardian Mobile Fireweall aim to block the apps that grab your data • Fast Company
Glenn Fleishman:
<p>A New York Times report in December focused on location data being shared with third-party organizations and tied to specific users; in February, a Wall Street Journal investigation reported that app makers were sharing events as intimate as ovulation cycles and weight with Facebook. But no matter how alarmed you are by such scenarios, there hasn’t been much you could do. Mobile operating systems don’t let you monitor your network connection and block specific bits of data from leaving your phone.

That led Strafach and his colleagues at Sudo Security Group aim to take practical action. “We are aware of almost every active tracker that is in the App Store,” he says. Building on years of research, Sudo is putting the finishing touches on an iPhone app called Guardian Mobile Firewall, a product that combines a virtual private network (VPN) connection with a sophisticated custom firewall managed by Sudo.

It looks like Guardian will be the first commercial entry into a fresh category of apps and services that look not only just for malicious behavior, but also what analysis shows could be data about you leaving your phone without your explicit permission. It will identify and variably block all kinds of leakage, based on Sudo’s unique analysis of App Store apps.

Sudo is <a href="">taking preorders for the app in the Apple Store</a> and plans a full launch no later than June. It will debut on iOS, and required some lengthy conversations with Apple’s app reviewers as Sudo laid out precisely what part of its filtering happens in the app (none of it) and what happens at its cloud-based firewall (everything). The price will be in the range of a high-end, unlimited VPN—about $8 or $9 a month. Sudo plans an expanded beta program in April, followed by a production release that will be automatically delivered to preorder customers.</p>

You'd need to be pretty worried about data grabs to pay that amount, wouldn't you? That's nearly a music subscription. Is your data *that* valuable? Wouldn't an adblocker be a lot cheaper?
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3 days ago by charlesarthur
GitHub - TH3xACE/SUDO_KILLER: Script written in bash to exploit sudo misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
Script written in bash to assist in the exploitaton of sudo (Misconfiguration + Vulnerabilities)
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15 days ago by whip_lash
guides/ at master · sindresorhus/guides
A collection of succinct guides - Public Domain. Contribute to sindresorhus/guides development by creating an account on GitHub.
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