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Compact Data Structures
Gonzalo Navarro has a new book!
"Compact Data Structures: A Practical Approach"

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may 2017 by silentbicycle
Some basic succinct data structures. [...] The main highlights are:
a novel, broadword-based implementation of rank/select queries for up to 264 bits that is highly competitive with known 32-bit implementations on 64-bit architectures (additional space required is 25% for ranking and 12.5%-37.5% for selection);
several Java structures using the Elias–Fano representation of monotone sequences for storing pointers, variable-length bit arrays, etc.
Java code implementing minimal perfect hashing using around 2.68 bits per element (also using some broadword ideas);
a few Java implementations of monotone minimal perfect hashing.
Sux is free software distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
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january 2014 by jm

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