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Yamanote Style
Soundscapes of the JR Yamanote Line
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20 days ago by bezthomas
Why Do Some Parts of New York Have So Many Subways While Others Have None?
Nancy Baker, described in the original Daily News caption as a ‘pretty Manhattanite’ who ‘appears perplexed while studying subway map of new routes,’ peruses the latest iteration of the MTA map after the opening of the Christie Street Connection in 1967.
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5 weeks ago by dotcoma
NYC's Subway Should Be Full of Hoverboards Instead - The Atlantic
this sounds like a nightmarish hellscape and thinking back to the volume analysis for the hyperloop, also doesn't even sound plausible. also, way to penalize people without flexible schedules, ie the poorest and worst paid.
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5 weeks ago by cglinka
Using Countdown Clock Data to Understand the New York City Subway - Todd W. Schneider
Most New Yorkers intuitively understand that when they get to a subway platform, they don’t want it to be too empty or too crowded. An empty platform means that you probably just missed the last train, so it’s unlikely another one will be arriving very soon. Even worse, an extremely crowded platform means that something is probably wrong, and maybe the train will never arrive. There’s a Goldilocks zone in the middle: a healthy amount of crowding that suggests it’s been a few minutes since the last train, but not so long that things must be screwed up.
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6 weeks ago by mookieproof

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