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Supermarket Wine Subversion | The Poke
Supermarket Wine Subversion | The Poke - #bm #subversion #adverts #subvert #play #graphicdesign #wsaweb101
play  adverts  graphicdesign  subversion  subvert  wsaweb101 
april 2014 by adamprocter
Connection Machine
The Connection Machine was a series of supercomputers that grew out of Danny Hillis' research in the early 1980s at MIT on alternatives to the traditional von Neumann architecture of computation.

This was a "massively parallel" hypercubic arrangement of thousands of microprocessors, each with its own 4 kbits of RAM, which together executed in a SIMD fashion. The CM-1, depending on the configuration, had as many as 65,536 processors. The individual processors were extremely simple, processing one bit at a time.
unsung  subvert  design 
january 2014 by ludx
U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors Abroad -
The Obama administration is leading a global effort to deploy “shadow” Internet and mobile phone systems that dissidents can use to undermine repressive governments that seek to silence them by censoring or shutting down telecommunications networks.
subvert  internet  shadow  itrt  filtering  from delicious
june 2011 by twwoodward
friends of the orphan signs (in albuquerque, new mexico)
installing student & text-message poetry on defunct hotel signs, "collaborative, community-oriented public art projects"
poetry  architecture  subvert  friends  from delicious
february 2011 by britta
"turning games into a new kind of art" (nytimes, 2006)
"the collage technique that helped ignite 20th-century modernism has mutated through...assemblage and appropriation...a recent manifestation, endemic to the expanding field of digital art, is hacking"
games  animation  subvert  |imagevocabulary  from delicious
december 2010 by britta
The David Horvath Edition -
Interview from Subvert Magazine with David Horvath of Uglydolls. On creativity, working, etc. Motivational.
subvert  magazine  davidhorvath  interview  uglydolls  motivational 
march 2010 by anthonycramp
ben wilson's paintings on discarded chewing gum on london sidewalks
"'i use acrylic paint and varnish...often i just draw whatever takes me on that day'"
europe  paintings  subvert 
january 2010 by britta
unofficially-installed 18-foot fork sculpture on a median in pasadena (la times)
"intended as a birthday joke...must be a safety inspection to ensure that the fork is properly engineered"
utensils  la  subvert 
november 2009 by britta
how to make your own toynbee tiles with linoleum and asphalt crack filler
lots of cutting and tarpaper, but maybe usable for unofficial interpretive plaques
transport  subvert 
november 2009 by britta
ant battle thursday 2 pm, by d.billy
"miniature sign installed in central park"
creatures  silly  subvert 
june 2009 by britta

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