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Suffern, N.Y.: A Pedestrian-Friendly Place With City Access (NYT, 8/21/2019)
The Rockland County village offers residents a walkable downtown and a more affordable lifestyle than they’re likely to find in surrounding areas.
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26 days ago by davidkoren
Outer Limits — Real Life
theory that social media has made organization of suburbanites as easy as organization of urbanites, resulting in increased mobilization of conservatives (but less so as the suburbs become poorer, perhaps)
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28 days ago by solarjetman
The Suburban Uncanny - Los Angeles Review of Books
For decades, it was the city that had been seen as a place of crime and danger, where no one was safe, where no self-respecting middle-class person would venture. The suburbs were the answer: they embodied the locus of the ideal family, middle-class respectability, the signal that one had “arrived,” financially and socially. Not coincidentally, they are a place of aesthetic control and conformity, of homeowners associations dictating the color of a house, the height of a tree, the state of a lawn. Aesthetic conformity guarantees property values and ensures kind of cultural homogeneity as well. In response to that outward uniformity, the nuclear family of the suburbs turns inward: the home becomes a private space, its insides are what makes it unique and give it personality.
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june 2019 by neomindryan
The Suburbs Are Coming to a City Near You
Candace Jackson/The New York Times, May 18, 2019.
suburbs  cities 
may 2019 by markcoddington
The American Room – The Message – Medium
You could judge those rooms and say that America has a paucity of visual imagination, that we live in a kind of wasteland. Or you could draw another conclusion, and note that America might be a little more broke than it wants to show. The painfully expensive 2,000-square foot home is furnished with cheap big sofas and junk from Target. Maybe these video stars don’t hang pictures because they are renters. Maybe they know they are going to move soon, to another part of the state or country; suburbs are the temporary worker housing for America. Maybe they moved in and just haven’t unpacked yet, and the big picture of grandma is still in the garage.
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april 2019 by LizFlyntz
Inside the New Suburban Crisis - CityLab
"Once the key driver of the American dream, the suburbs have reached the end of a long era of cheap growth. Now their advantages to economic mobility have nearly disappeared."
april 2019 by ken
Co-working spaces are expanding into malls and suburbs - Fast Company
People may not want to go to the mall to shop, but they do want to go to work. It’s all part of an expanding footprint for co-working spaces in suburban America.
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april 2019 by areadevelopment
An Alternative History of the 'Radical' Suburbs - CityLab
“[W]alled medieval cities in Europe and elsewhere enlarged their walled areas several times to accommodate their fringe belts and to prepare for future expansion,” writes the urban scholar Shlomo Angel. Prostitutes, gypsies, and lepers were often consigned to live sub urbs, literally “below the city.” The very term implies the height of the protective wall and the uncertain status of those outside its embrace.

For example, one unusual homebuilder named Morris Milgram contested the white supremacy of Levittown almost in its back yard. A former socialist activist, Milgram opened an integrated subdivision of 140 houses called Concord Park in 1954. It was just northeast of Philadelphia, and a few miles away from Levittown, Pennsylvania. Homebuyers included several interracial couples, a few communists, and many nonconformists. Their children played together, while their parents formed a babysitting co-op and bowling, photography, and sewing clubs—just like the residents of any other new suburb.
suburbs  diversity  anarchy 
april 2019 by craniac

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