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db — decentralised broadcast
A peer-to-peer broadcasting service, owned and funded by its listeners, DJ’s, and producers.
audio  p2p  decentralisation  creativity  broadcasting  decentralization  donations  internet  radio  subscriptions 
3 days ago by atran
Give Me What You Want — Real Life
> Companies don’t sell objects so much as they sell an idealized lifestyle, an opportunity for consumers to improve themselves by participating in the belief system that a brand evokes.

> might be understood as the Spotification of retail: Consumers pay by the month to receive a stream of algorithmically chosen goods.

> a commercial logic that prioritizes access over ownership, breadth over depth of consumption, and instant ease of use over more deliberate exploration as a prerequisite for enjoyment.

> One of the defining tenets of Spotification is what digital anthropologist Lane DeNicola calls a “shift from commodity ownership to commodified experience.” Paid subscribers to Spotify are not buying a bounded physical or digital item, writes DeNicola, but rather “a predetermined amount of time during which they have access to the entirety of the vast online library of music.” These subscribers are also buying limited-time, on-demand access to black-boxed algorithmic curation systems, which allows platform logic to take precedence over record companies’ conventional A&R concerns in the formation of taste and culture. Engagement with the wider platform and its algorithms replaces engagement with particular artists or songs as consumers seek to further develop their tastes, the better versions of themselves.

> and the promise of perpetual discovery.

> Stressed human beings, seeking more free and “personal” time, become the upper management for their own fleet of contractors; in Hochschild’s words, “the most intuitive and emotional of human acts … become work for hire.” This triggers a slippery-slope effect. “To finance these extra services, we work longer hours,” Hochschild explained in an op-ed for the New York Times. “This leaves less time to spend with family, friends and neighbors; we become less likely to call on them for help, and they on us. And, the more we rely on the market, the more hooked we become on its promises.”

> Yet this newfound flexibility ultimately becomes infiltrated by further anxiety over the vast opportunities that remain to become even “better,” in the pursuit of peak performance.
cherie-hu  spotify  subscriptions  consumerism  style  taste 
8 days ago by jasdev
Website Subscriptions Are Not Dead
> We should likely stop talking about RSS. We need to simply start calling RSS “Subscribing”.
nick-heer  rss  subscriptions 
9 days ago by jasdev
Board Game Crate
A monthly boardgames subscriptions
boardgames  subscriptions 
13 days ago by rrees
iOS Subscriptions are Hard – RevenueCat Blog – Medium
Subscriptions provide developers a better way to make money. Building an audience of paying subscribers not only generates more revenue, but it offers better customer-developer alignment and leads to…
IAP  subscriptions  receipt-validation 
14 days ago by boyvanamstel
Our Experience Validating In-App Purchases Through Your Own Server
We share our experience developing a purchase system and validating in-app purchases through our own server for a dating app
IAP  subscriptions  receipt-validation 
14 days ago by boyvanamstel
From Zero to GraphQL Subscriptions – Hacker Noon
In this blog post, I’ll cover the theory, implementation, and challenges of building GraphQL Subscriptions from scratch.

In case you are unfamiliar with GraphQL, here’s a primer: GraphQL is a query…
graphql  subscriptions 
20 days ago by acrookston
Facebook wants up to 30% of fan subscriptions vs Patreon’s 5% | TechCrunch
Facebook also reserves the right to offer free trials to subscriptions that won’t compensate creators. And Facebook demands a “non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use” creators’ content and “This license survives even if you stop using Fan Subscriptions.”
fb  subscriptions 
22 days ago by paulbradshaw

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