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How to configure a DNS Secondary Zone in Windows Server 2008 & 2012
Secondary Zones are a DNS feature that allows the entire DNS database from a Master DNS server to be transferred to the Secondary. These allow fault tolerance and load balancing to internal names.
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25 days ago by vangoethemstef
host name not resolving across subnets | Ubiquiti Community
I am having trouble reaching a Synology NAS by hostname on 192.168.2.X from a laptop on 192.168.1.X. My edge router is directly connected to my WAN. It is
dns  internal  subnet  vlan 
25 days ago by vangoethemstef
Am I the only one that feels utterly stupid while learning to subnet : ccna
So I’ve been on it for a few days, watching videos and reading books but I just can’t seem to subnet for my life, I’ve been practicing on a site...
7 weeks ago by aliksd
What is the Hyper-V Virtual Switch and how does it work?
The Hyper-V virtual switch is the first step to getting your VM on the network, here's all you need to know about planning and operating virtual switches.
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october 2019 by mcpride

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