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snippet generator
Snippet generator for Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and Atom. Enjoy :-)
generator  atom  code  boilerplate  vscode  coding  convert  snippet  snippets  sublime 
10 days ago by speckz
erichard/SublimePHPCompanion: A Sublime Text 3 plugin that provides cool stuff for PHP 5.3+ coding session.
A Sublime Text 3 plugin that provides cool stuff for PHP 5.3+ coding session. - erichard/SublimePHPCompanion
php  sublime 
16 days ago by mrdan
Sublime Text (3) for PHP Developers |
A lot of folks in the PHP community have been checking out PHPStorm lately, including myself and most of the developers I work with. We love
php  sublime 
16 days ago by mrdan
Welcome to Javatar — Javatar 1.0.0 documentation
Javatar is a plugin for Sublime Text 3 and for Java development. The inspirations behind Javatar is Eclipse, the open-source Java IDE.
Java  plugin  Sublime  javatar 
20 days ago by J0hnS

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