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I'm trying to build a "Tenant" Subdomain route that attaches to a MVC Area. In this case I have an Area called "Tenant" which has two controllers; Public and Admin. My custom Route is used to grab the Subdomain if it matches then route them to the proper Controller-Action-Area.
mvc  routing  subdomain  areas  routedata 
9 weeks ago by vegarev
Subdomain Routing in ASP.NET MVC
Detecting and routing based on a subdomain in ASP.NET MVC is fairly easy with this handy snippet of code.
subdomain  routing  mvc 
9 weeks ago by vegarev
Subdomains in Flask – Gurchet Rai
Using subdomains to identify tenants in a multitenant Flask application
flask  subdomain 
november 2018 by cnu

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