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L5 Sub-Domain middleware
Shows how to do a middleware for a Laravel 5 app that gets a sub-domain from the request.
laracasts  example  subdomain  middleware  routing  laravel5  host  sub-domain  laravel 
april 2017 by racl101
Discovering Subdomains
tools, google dorks, every sub-domain trick in the book
dns  recon  technique  domain  sub-domain  google 
november 2016 by plaxx
Basecamp Style Subdomains With CodeIgniter | Nettuts+
how to set up sites with urls like or in codeigniter
apache  codeigniter  subdomain  setup  php  tutorials  tuts  nettuts  codeigniter_framework  mvc  php_framework  sub-domain 
november 2010 by roomthily

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