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microsoft word - Remove setting from style to inherit setting from base style - Super User
“I’d like to remove the space-after-paragraph setting from Subject so that it once again inherits that value from Normal. Is this possible? If so, how?”
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10 days ago by handcoding
Pages Doesn't Include Bullet Point in Styles | Official Apple Support Communities
You need to state what version of Pages you are talking about.


Presumably because of your question it is Pages 5 or 6.


Pages was completely rewritten from the ground up three and a half years ago, Apple claimed that was to improve compatibility with iCloud and iOS. In the process well over a hundred features and a good part of the UI disappeared.


One of those features was Paragraph Styles that combined the type/layout settings plus List Styles which could be quite intricate in its formatting. The whole List function in Pages 5 and 6 is a mess, pure and simple. I consider myself expert in Pages but I've given up on using it beyond simple numbers and bullet points.


List Styles are completely separate and must be applied over the Paragraph Style to work, which is frankly stupid, but as Forest Gump said "Stupid is as stupid does" and "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get"


So unfortunately this is missing in action with Pages 5 and 6. Who knows if Apple will reintroduce this along with the long list of other productivity features that are in Pages '09.


You can always buy iWork '09 from Amazon, install that and make sure you update it to v4.3, or try other software that is more functional such as LibreOffice [free]. There are a wide range of Word Processors for Mac, any of which may suit you more.


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8 weeks ago by snearch

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