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Data Protection Guide | Privacy International
The guide was developed from Privacy International’s experience and expertise on international principles and standards applicable to the protection of privacy and personal data, and our leadership and research on modern technologies and data proces…
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yesterday by loughlin
Anki: Memorization with Spaced Learning | Hacker News
Hacker News discussion with some ideas about how to use flash cards / Anki.
anki  learning  study 
yesterday by loughlin
CaptionPop seems like a really great tool for language learners. Works with any YouTube video that has subtitles.
chinese  language  learning  video  subtitles  study 
2 days ago by kerim
Change in Body Mass Index Associated With Lowest Mortality in Denmark, 1976-2013 | Cardiology | JAMA | JAMA Network
The bottom of the U shaped mortality patter has been going upwards, but it's still the same U shape.
health  fat  mortality  research  study 
2 days ago by moose
free, up-to-date, crowd-sourced protocol repository for the life sciences.
science  study  research  clinical  trial  protocol  methods  experiment 
5 days ago by sprague

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