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Youbit was hacked on December 19th at 4:35 am. They had previously been breached earlier in the year, with South Korean officials indicating North Korean involvement. Their hot wallet containing 17% of their assets, was breached and stolen, indicating that cold storage was useful. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  adversaries  blockchain  case  security  studies 
9 days ago by ChristopherA
Ejaculation Changes Prostate Tissue, Lowering Cancer Risk | Research
21+ ejaculations / month lowers prostate cancer risk. This study confirms it via molecular-level changes:

"more frequent ejaculation affects the expression of 409 genes and six biological processes"
research  studies  Boston_University  resource  sex  cancer 
12 days ago by KuraFire
Efficacy of vitamins C, E, and their combination for treatment of restless legs syndrome in hemodialysis patients: a randomized, double-blind, plac... - PubMed - NCBI
“Vitamins C and E and their combination are safe and effective treatments for reducing the severity of RLS in hemodialysis patients over the short-term.”
nih  studies  health  restlessleg  restlesslegsyndrome  2012  sleep 
14 days ago by handcoding
Delete your account: leaving Facebook can make you happier, study finds | Technology | The Guardian
Despite all the scandals of the past year, here we are, still on Facebook, a couple of billion of us spending about an hour a day in its iron grip. Now a new study suggests it’s making us feel bad.

That’s in part because we may be addicted. Want to feel better? Delete Facebook.
Studies  Facebook  TheGuardian  Research  Happiness  SocialMedia  Wellbeing  MentalHealth 
19 days ago by dk33per
4 Questions for Politicians Claiming Single-Payer Will Lower Health Care Costs - Foundation for Economic Education
Can single-payer root out waste and drive improvements in health care’s nooks and crannies and keep doing so as the world evolves? Let’s turn to its track record.
healthcare  studies  rebuttals 
29 days ago by Kjaleshire
Opinion | Why Do People Fall for Fake News? - The New York Times
"Our research suggests that the solution to politically charged misinformation should involve devoting resources to the spread of accurate information and to training or encouraging people to think more critically. You aren’t doomed to be unreasonable, even in highly politicized times. Just remember that this is also true of people you disagree with."
science  psychology  studies  fake-news 
4 weeks ago by capcrime
Defending American Ignorance | Western Europe | Travels
Americans don't know much. They don't know where they put their underwear. Europeans think they're clever. Read this to find out why the gap isn't that big..
america  europe  culture  studies 
4 weeks ago by Kjaleshire
USAFacts | Non-partisian Government Data
Our nation, in numbers. USAFacts provides a comprehensive, nonpartisan view of the state of our union.
america  data  economics  studies  politics  finance  references 
4 weeks ago by Kjaleshire
Intellectual humility: the importance of knowing you might be wrong - Vox
One high-profile effort to retest 100 psychological experiments found only 40 percent replicated with more rigorous methods. a few studies, wrongness admission isn’t usually judged harshly. “When we do see someone admit that they are wrong, the wrongness admitter is seen as more communal, more friendly,” he says. It’s almost never the case, in his studies, “that when you admit you’re wrong, people think you are less competent.”

The field of psychology, overall, has been reckoning with a “replication crisis” where many classic findings in the science don’t hold up under rigorous scrutiny. Incredibly influential textbook findings in psychology — like the “ego depletion” theory of willpower or the “marshmallow test” — have been bending or breaking.two solutions — among many — to make psychological science more humble, and I think we can learn from them.

One is that humility needs to be built into the standard practices of the science. And that happens through transparency. It’s becoming more commonplace for scientists to preregister — i.e., commit to — a study design before even embarking on an experiment. 

And two, there needs to be more celebration of failure, and a culture that accepts it. That includes building safe places for people to admit they were wrong, like the Loss of Confidence Project.

To be intellectually humble doesn’t mean giving up on the ideas we love and believe in. It just means we need to be thoughtful in choosing our convictions, be open to adjusting them, seek out their flaws, and never stop being curious about why we believe what we believe. Again, that’s not easy.
skeptcism  against  Trump  studies  psychology  science 
4 weeks ago by dandv

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