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Lund professor freed student from Islamic State war zone - The Local
"What was happening was completely unacceptable," she told LUM. "I got so angry that IS was pushing itself into our world, exposing my doctoral student and his family to this, and disrupting the research."

She contacted the university's then security chief Per Gustafson.

"It was almost as if he'd been waiting for this kind of mission," Turner said. "Per Gustafson said that we had a transport and security deal which stretched over the whole world."

Over a few days of intense activity, Gustafson hired a security company which then arranged the rescue operation.
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NHS to offer mature students £5k to become mental health nurses | Society | The Guardian
Applications for undergraduate degree courses in nursing have plummeted by 32% since bursaries for student nurses were scrapped in England in 2016, despite warnings that the move would backfire. Applications from mature students to study mental health and disability nursing fell even more sharply – by 40% – between 2016 and this year. Interest has dwindled so dramatically that many universities are considering axing their specialist courses.
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School of Theatre & Dance Produces 'Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles'
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Instances of affairs, deportation scares and assimilation in the play allude to the difficulty involved in immigration, gentrification and the #MeToo movement.

Director Terry Boero hoped to highlight these themes because they are relevant to our current political climate.

Boero wanted to give a sense of recognition for the characters’ homeland in Mexico by incorporating its culture and language.

“There’s a lot of Aztec references and language in it, so it’s totally an embrace of the culture,” Boero said.

SF State student Alexander Gonzales appreciated the recognition of Mexican culture, which he has not seen much being a part of the theater industry.

“I’ve been in theatre since I was 13, and growing up in that and looking up to theatre shows and different actors and lead roles, I always had to stretch myself to be those characters or relate to those characters,” Gonzales said. “I defy you to name off the top of your head a strictly Mexican lead role besides anybody in this show on Broadway. You can’t.”
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Students Express What SF State's Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble Means to Them
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- “For me, I think that Afro-Cuban [jazz] means expression. It’s a style of music that really delves into expressing yourself and your voice through music,” said bassist Diego Rumer. Rumer joined last year on a whim to try something other than a concert band requirement. This is his third semester playing.

Audience members cheered and clapped after each song, snapped to the tunes or rose from their seats to dance to the beat.

Most of the group was new, according to Calloway as he tried to introduce the whole ensemble, except for students Ahkeel Mestayer and Juan Carlos Saldaña. Mestayer played for Calloway’s Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble years before he even attended SF State. He has been a student of Calloway’s since he was about 10, starting from when he was a part of Calloway’s free band, the Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble.
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Student Actors to Perform Comedy Sketches Live
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The School of Cinema will hold an event showcasing sketch comedy writing by student actors. Around a dozen students will perform hilarious comedy sketches in the Creative Arts Building on December 12 at 5:30 p.m.

“Student writers from CINE 656 will showcase their comedy sketches written this term. It’s a variety show, similar to ‘Saturday Night Live,’ but it’s a table reading of the writer’s work.” Natasha van Dam, screenwriting instructor, said.
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Softball Star Tayah Hernandez to Transfer to SF State and Major in Liberal Arts
MADERA TRIBUNE -- Two years ago, Tayah Hernandez said she was in a bad place and wasn’t even thinking about softball.

However, two years later, she found her love for the game gain and it led to a softball scholarship to San Francisco State University, a Division II school after signing her National Letter of Intent on Friday in front of family, teammates and friends. She will major in Liberal Arts to become an elementary school teacher.

“It’s like a dream to accomplish and I get to live it out now,” she said. “I get to go to everybody and say I’m going to San Francisco State. I will have people out there to support me.”

“This is one heck of an accomplishment,” Hernandez’s travel softball coach Keith Davis said. “Of everybody I have coached, ever, Tayah’s road hasn’t been an easy road. A big part of her change is when she came here and had to sit out a year. She got to take a look at the game at a different aspect. She’s a special kid, not just on the softball field. On the field, she’s a beast and she’s a stud. I’m not just her coach, she’s like a second kid to me. We’ll talk about life. I’m going to miss those talks. San Francisco State is getting one heck of a ball player.”
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Classic and Contemporary Myths in Dialogue at SF State
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- With San Francisco State University’s “Medea” and “Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles,” one of our most fecund local university theater departments has devised an invigorating juxtaposition of the canonical and the contemporary.

Rhonnie Washington directs a music-driven production of Euripides’ Greek tragedy, about a woman who avenges her husband’s philandering. Playing in repertory is a 21st century update, “Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles,” written by Luis Alfaro, and first performed at San Francisco’s own Magic Theatre under the title “Bruja.”

In “Mojada,” Alfaro fashions gorgeous images that make his immigrant characters into timeless myths. “I feel like a bird who has lost her feathers,” says one. “I am eating his heart and he knows it,” says another.
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Fine Arts Gallery Presents 31st Annual Stillwell Student Exhibition
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- This exhibit will feature undergraduate Art students’ latest work in video, photography, textiles, metal arts, ceramics, sculptures, printmaking and more. This exhibit will also feature work from the School of Art’s collections by Leo D. Stillwell Jr., a watercolor and oil painter who died at age 22 in 1948.
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Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble Performs for Change
GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- On December 5, in Knuth Hall on SF State’s campus, the Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble will be performing a diverse range of music at its fall concert “Music of Resistance, Dignity and Solidarity,” starting at 7:30 p.m.

The event is put on by San Francisco State University’s School of Music and directed by John Calloway, who is a Music lecturer at State and founder of the ensemble. The ensemble has been given much critical acclaim. The band performs a range of musical styles from Latin America and the United States.
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