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Ruby Objects and Dot Syntax
Person =, :city)
=> Person

person ='Rob', 'San Francisco')
=> #<struct Person name="Rob", city="San Francisco">
=> "San Francisco"

require 'ostruct'

person =
=> #<OpenStruct> = 'Rob'
=> "Rob" = 'San Francisco'
=> "San Francisco"
=> "San Francisco"
Ruby  struct  ostruct 
6 weeks ago by meFavs
The Go Playground
I *think* what is happening here is that "ignoring" S in the embedder causes the embedded struct's S to appear (since the parent's "S" is ignored).
go  golang  struct 
11 weeks ago by mjs
jpillora/opts: A Go (golang) package for building frictionless command-line interfaces
A Go (golang) package for building frictionless command-line interfaces - jpillora/opts
go  golang  flags  2019  struct  nested  json  config  important 
may 2019 by vonc
The simplicity and power of Ruby Struct - usage, performance, alternatives
Ruby Struct is a very useful built-in class that can simplify things but there are some details that make it not the best choice for every case.
ruby  struct 
february 2019 by beanish

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