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macOS Disk Utility Can Create Four Popular RAID Arrays
macOS Sierra saw the return of RAID support to Apple's Disk Utility, a feature that was removed when OS X El Capitan first came on the scene. With the return of RAID support in Disk Utility, you no longer need to resort to using Terminal to create and administer your RAID systems.
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june 2018 by jmello
Monday’s Musings: Seven Common Failures Plague Board Room Strategy In Digital Transformation
"Laggard market perception cascades failure and customer disillusionment. Declining brands and organizations in laggard industries stripped of brand equity enter an era of negative market perception. Instead of redefining the mission and purpose with new business models, orgs often take a short cut of branding without substance. Seen as devoid of innovation with a commoditized non-differentiated offering, every stakeholder from employee, customer, partner, supplier, and investor lowers expectations of success. The result – leaders who focus on short term gain, declining employee morale, lack of interest by investors, and lower quality from suppliers. Partners lose interest in creating co-innovation and co-creation ecosystems with laggards. Customers no longer find an affinity for a brand that has sold its soul and will not pay for premium pricing when they no longer see value."
"Laggard  market  perception  cascades  failure  and  customer  disillusionment.  Declining  brands  organizations  in  laggard  industries  stripped  of  brand  equity  enter  an  era  negative  perception.  Instead  redefining  the  mission  purpose  with  new  business  models  orgs  often  take  a  short  cut  branding  without  substance.  Seen  as  devoid  innovation  commoditized  non-differentiated  offering  every  stakeholder  from  employee  partner  supplier  investor  lowers  expectations  success.  result    leaders  who  focus  on  term  gain  morale  lack  interest  by  investors  lower  quality  suppliers.  Partners  lose  creating  co-innovation  co-creation  ecosystems  laggards.  Customers  no  longer  find  affinity  for  that  has  sold  its  soul  will  not  pay  premium  pricing  when  they  see  value.2018  apps  strategy  best  practices  board  room  boardroom  priorities  promises  transformation  c-suite  cdo  ceo 
may 2018 by jonerp
Anybody got tips and tricks to overcome stripped screws? : Nerf
Use the correct bit for the job: A PH1 or PH0. Most regular screwdrivers are PH2

Stick a rubber band between the driver and the screw

Try a drop of superglue on the tip of the driver/screw

If those don't work, drill it out.
stripped  screw  screws  problem  screwdriver  nerf  strip 
may 2018 by 44sunsets

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