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Churn Buster - Failed Subscription Payment Recovery
Churn Buster puts you in control. Recover payments
with advanced campaigns that work better than a human.
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10 days ago by junya
Stripe is building a Ruby typechecker – Byteconf – Medium
The last couple years have brought a number of great typecheckers to JavaScript: Facebook’s Flow and Microsoft’s TypeScript have both been hugely successful, and brought some stability to a famously “loose” language.
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19 days ago by GameGamer43
RT : Technical details:
- 9 month of work by 3 people;
- real thing, runs over all code of
- is ridiculously…
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23 days ago by avi
Stripe Atlas: Guide to Software as a Service pricing
I love the idea of selling through accountants as a channel strategy. (This is when a SaaS company sells to a party with a relationship with a pool of customers in return for that party selling their product through those relationships. Typically, this results in the channel taking a cut of the price the end-user pays.)

It is generally easier to sell into SMB verticals (a particularly industry or customer archetype) than across all SMBs, because it is easier to laser-focus on their specific needs, understand the factors which impact their business, and speak the language of your users.

If you want to price SaaS sustainably, you probably want to target primarily business users.

The only purpose of the name of a plan, as communicated on the pricing page, is to provide the right customer the right nudge to choose that particular plan.

Assume the total cost of a white collar employee is about 140% of their quoted salary; that’s a good enough approximation to price SaaS against their true fully-loaded cost rather than their salary.

Historically, companies have offered software for free or nearly free to benefit from the software spreading as wide as possible. This is of sharply limited utility in selling B2B services, because price is often a proxy for value, particularly among savvy customers who are in industries which are (to pardon a pun) gushing with money.
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26 days ago by elrob

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