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hbakhtiyor/strsim: string similarity based on Dice's coefficient in go
string similarity based on Dice's coefficient in go - hbakhtiyor/strsim
golang  strings 
3 days ago by geetarista
ArtSabintsev/Guitar: A Cross-Platform String and Regular Expression Library written in Swift.
A Cross-Platform String and Regular Expression Library written in Swift. - ArtSabintsev/Guitar
regularexpressions  regexp  swift  strings 
13 days ago by phatblat
Arcsecond: Parsing in JavaScript made easy – Hacker Noon
Arcsecond Article. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
parser  parsing  strings  control-flow 
24 days ago by jimthedev
[1309.3441] On the shape of subword complexity sequences of finite words
The subword complexity of a word w over a finite alphabet  is a function that assigns for each positive integer n, the number of distinct subwords of length n in w. The subword complexity of a word is a good measure of the randomness of the word and gives insight to what the word itself looks like. In this paper, we discuss the properties of subword complexity sequences, and consider different variables that influence their shape. We also compute the number of distinct subword complexity sequences for certain lengths of words over different alphabets, and state some conjectures about the growth of these numbers.
strings  combinatorics  enumeration  pattern-discovery  complexity-measures  information-theory  rather-interesting  to-write-about  for-puzzles  you-know-for-kids 
4 weeks ago by Vaguery
[1808.06313] Binomial coefficients and multifactorial numbers through generative grammars
In this paper, the formal derivative operator defined with respect to context-free grammars is used to prove some properties about binomial coefficients and multifactorial numbers. In addition, we extend the formal derivative operator to matrix grammars and show that multifactorial numbers can also be generated.
combinatorics  strings  rather-interesting  counting  to-write-about 
4 weeks ago by Vaguery

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