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How do you deal with stress - General Discussion / Personal Development - FS Learning Community
Work less, spend more time with your family, and schedule more time that is only for you for…walking, a hobby, reading, whatever. For example, Sunday is my stress reliever. I get an early workout, spend the day reading at the library or my office, and then cap it off with a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs and
wine at my favorite restaurant. All alone. I hope I can do it for the rest of my life (But my girlfriend owns my ass on Saturday’s).

Everyone is different, though…you just have to find what works for you. A business partner of mine started working out a lot during a stressful period to relieve stress - and then he got shingles! So exercise may not be a great stress reliever for him.


This is a very pertinent question these days.
First and foremost, to be honest, we have to accept that stress is here to stay. The expectation to be completely rid of stress is actually way more stressful than the life situation. Like they say, life is always going to be a series of problems to be solved.

I would like to share a few pointers here:

Whenever, I feel stressed, I try to take things slowly and be aware of the bodily sensations. As @Angel has brilliantly pointed out here.
Meditation and exercise definitely help, but one has to be very patient with them. You have to make sure that you are meditating correctly (by learning from and getting constant feedback from a competent teacher) and choose an exercise that suits you and rejuvenates you (personally I like running and basic yoga postures which ground me)
Also clutter and unimportant things need to be removed from life. Because most of the time, the mind is stressed because it is not being able to focus in the present moment. More the no. of things the mind is involved in at a certain point of time, more stressed it is likely to be. So removing clutter definitely helps a lot.
Structure in the day also helps a lot. eg: routine times for going to bed, waking up, exercising etc.
Most of the times, we have to deal with situations globally, i.e. trying to find a “big fix” to a solution. But many times, even a local solution like “being aware of the moment” helps quite a lot.

Hope this helps.
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