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Please stop telling me to leave my comfort zone
Our comfort zones are there to protect us, even if productivity specialists say otherwise.
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13 hours ago by rbardini
Study Finds Being On Your Phone Constantly Can Be Harmful | Psychology Today
A study has found that constantly being online or on your smartphone creates a state of “online vigilance” where one's mind is automatically monitoring communications. This does not give your mind a time to rest and decreases mindfulness
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yesterday by basemaly
❝ When we complain about too much work, we’re... - John Althouse Cohen
❝ When we complain about too much work, we’re expected to offer regrets about sleep lost, family events missed, television shows not caught up on. Nobody wants to seem like a remorseless lunatic who’s thrilled to miss the school play.

But amid the complaining about being overworked, there’s often a decipherable bit of pride, even a hint of a brag—a workbrag.

Why do we brag about overwork? Because we’re conditioned to think that working all the time is a good thing, a signal of diligence, virtue and our own value.…

What if all of that is upside down? What if working all the time is a symptom of dysfunction, not excellence? What if it turns out to be dreadfully inefficient, a recipe for burnout and turnover and eventual collapse? …

That’s the premise of a new book, “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work,” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. Last week, I hosted a talk with the authors for a Wall Street Journal event in New York City. The co-founders of the workplace software company Basecamp, Fried and Hansson are successful entrepreneurs who rail against the win-at-all-costs mentality of American business. They preach calm over conquest. They pay their employees to take vacation—not vacation time but the actual vacation.…

Fried and Hansson’s company used to have one of those “limitless vacation” policies, until they realized that it made employees nervous about taking vacation. Now they insist on three weeks. …

The tide may be starting to turn. Recently, a video game developer, Dan Houser, gave an interview to New York magazine in which he talked about the 100-hour weeks some employees worked to finish a new game. That provoked a backlash, with Houser later clarifying to the website Kotaku and others that such workweeks were unusual, and not required, and that the average workweek at his company was closer to 45 hours. ❞
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5 days ago by jaltcoh
RT : Dogs are great coaches+ relievers. There's a dog at the Harvard Medical School Library who's ava…
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9 days ago by clientsurgeseo
Stress eats holes in your brain | Star Tribune
The frontal lobe has been identified as "the most critical to everyday functionality," Chapman said. "When you have the impact of stress, things that allow you to be successful will be impaired. You can't figure out how to juggle things, to set priorities."

That's one of four areas of the brain affected by stress. Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University calls the hippocampus "ground zero for stress doing damaging stuff."

"One definitely wants to have a functioning hippocampus," Sapolsky said. "It's all about learning and memory, the part blown out of the water by Alzheimer's disease. It's also the part that is most vulnerable to the effects of stress."

The definition and effects of stress differ. One person can shrug off what might totally undo another. Generally, stress is considered to come from a feeling of having no control.

"Most people are pretty insightful about whether they're stressed out," Eagleman said. "It's not an all-or-nothing thing. There are varying degrees. For some, their breath is shallow. With others, their muscles ache or their jaw hurts. ... It's important to read your body's signals, to figure out when you're having high levels of stress and structure ways to manage the stress."

When people do, they change, said Dr. Joel Holliner, a psychiatrist.

"When patients come in, we commonly see concentration problems, the inability to make decisions," said Holliner, chief of psychiatry at Medical City Dallas Hospital. "Over time as they get treatment, we see them significantly improve, to going from having memory deficits -- so many think they have dementia or Alzheimer's -- to having their memory totally back to normal. It's fantastic, absolutely."
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10 days ago by snearch
Study Reveals Sleep Problems in Young Adult Students | Wiley News Room – Press Releases, News, Events & Media
A study published in the Journal of Sleep Research indicates that sleep problems are both prevalent and increasing among students.In the study that included Norwegian college and university students in 2010, 2014, and 2018, both male and female students had an average sleep duration in the lower end of the normal range on weekdays (7:24 hours
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11 days ago by basemaly
Workplace Stress Responsible For Up To $190B In Annual U.S. Healthcare Costs
Long hours, impossible demands from bosses, and uncertain job security can take their toll on our mental and physical well-being, leading to stress-induced aches and pains and anxiety. In extreme cases, the consequences can be worse—heart disease, high blood pressure, alcoholism, mental illness.
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11 days ago by leehopkins
Social media detox: Christina Farr quits Instagram, Facebook
Christina Farr used to spend 5 hours a week posting and interacting with friends on Instagram. She quit cold this summer, and her life changed dramatically for the better.
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14 days ago by basemaly
We Live in Wartime | GQ
a general assessment of coping now being parallel to how people in war-torn countries live
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15 days ago by emmacarlson

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