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See No Evil — Real Life
"There is a house on Street View that Google has deemed impossible. 2207 Seymour Ave, in Cleveland, Ohio, was the four-story unit where Ariel Castro kept and tortured three women from 2002 to 2013, until Amanda Berry managed to escape and alert neighbors to their captivity. The acts that Castro committed were so heinous that a controlled demolition of the building was required in his plea bargain. A former neighbor told the Guardian that razing the house was important to show “that monster … is behind bars and that he’s never going to get out.”

On Street View, the block remains frozen in the year 2009. The image was taken while the crime was still taking place, and although an early screengrab circulating on message boards shows a house with boarded windows, Street View now blurs the house beyond recognition as a thing of brick and mortar. (..)

Clicking up and down the unpopulated block, you have that exact sense of being unhelpful and alone in your terrible knowledge of what is happening right in front of you. It’s 2018; it happened. It’s 2009; it’s happening. The survivors of Castro’s violence remain in that blur on Seymour Ave, where you cannot see them, they cannot see you, and neither of you can offer each other comfort."
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6 weeks ago by gohai
How green is your street? - Office for National Statistics
The percentage of greenery in a given street was calculated using Google Streetview images and assigning a category to every pixel.
Categories include vegetation, cars, pedestrians, buildings, and sky.
For more information, read the technical report by the Data Science Campus.
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8 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Building the map of Canada’s north
In the winter, the sun barely scrapes the horizon in Canada’s high north. The average lows hover in the -30s, roads are covered in snow and polar bear sightings aren’t uncommon. For those who call Canada’s arctic home, winter is a way of life. And the only way to truly understand it, as one resident put it to us, is to see it for yourself.
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september 2018 by timstahmer
Next Junction: Explore Indian Railways with Google Arts & Culture
Today, we’re bringing Indian Railways’ heritage and sights to the entire world. The most gorgeous architecture, iconic trains and charismatic personalities of Indian Railways can now be found on Google Arts & Culture.
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september 2018 by timstahmer
The garage, cria 1998, is now on , showing CRT monitors, cables, and a washer/dryer that Google…
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september 2018 by jhill5
RT : mit zweiter Luft und in Graz. und Dietmar fassen wieder mal die Onlinewoche zusammen.…
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july 2018 by heinzwittenbrink
Firenze11/cv_streetview: Deep Learning for Recognizing Cities from their Google Street View Images
The goal of this research project is to evaluate how well cities/districts can be characterized by their visual properties using the readily available city imaginary data set provided by Google street view.

In order to find out the image features that would affect a deep learning algorithm to distinguish between different cities, we trained several image categorization neural networks using AlexNet and VGG-S CNN structures, and analyzed the visual clues that helps the algorithm make categorization decisions. We found out that the algorithm precisely grasps the differences between different city types, and has almost 92% accuracy* on test set for the best model.

As an exploration of latent urban characteristics that can be reflected in the visual aspect, the research proposes an alternative paradigm of computational urban morphological research where environmental affordances revealed in streetlevel urban imagery are taken into consideration.
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july 2018 by aleksi — Browse and Download Street View Panoramas
Download Google Street View 360 images for use in other programs and apps. Requires an app which works on PCs or OSX(must be installed)
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february 2018 by amann

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