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Tyler Wallach Studio
“Tyler Wallach is an innovative and independent queer artist living in Harlem, recognized for his bright and boldly colored street-art characters on both canvas and clothing. Tyler comes to New York City, from Texas, with 5 years of experience painting and independently producing large-scale solo art shows, a multi-faceted clothing line, and most recently, a capsule collection of 3D printed nylon and precious metal necklaces. Tyler has also adopted a unique form of interactive art by painting live, in-person at events throughout the country to further engage the conversation between visual artists and their audience. This live-painting style led Tyler to win the 2015 Brooklyn Nightlife Award for “Best Visual Artist”. Compassion and care for the LGBTQ community is a driving force of inspiration and has led Tyler to produce many multiple large-scale paintings a year that are donated and auctioned off by national LGBTQ charities with 100% of proceeds going toward at risk youth and anti-bullying efforts. In the past, Tyler has donated to The Trevor Project, The Tyler Clementi Foundation, The Miami-Dade LGBTQ Business Association, Harrisburg PA LGBT Center as well as many other queer organizations throughout the country. Coming up, you can catch Tyler on April 1 and 2nd at the Brooklyn Makers Market as he showcases a new set of paintings and a line of clothing with textiles inspired by the new works of art."
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29 days ago by stjp
Lift Trucks Project
Commissioned by Montefiore Medical Center and in partnership with the Fashion Institute of Technology, we draw on location to translate New York City street scenes into virtual reality using Google Tilt Brush technology. It's a classical approach to groundbreaking technology that creates an immersive experience.
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4 weeks ago by droitcour
Brandon doesn't know if he has allergies or not, but springtime does make his eyes water.
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5 weeks ago by ejk
Y'all can relax now; the King of Spring has commenced his shouting.
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7 weeks ago by blalor

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