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Exporting your Data and Bulk Export – Strava Support
There are several options for exporting your data from Strava Export single activities as GPX files Export single activities as TCX...
4 days ago by brimoran
Slava: Strava integration with Slack
Connects Strava in Slack and reposts athlete and club activities into Slack channels, including time, distance, pace and map. Improves unfurling of Strava links for connected athletes.
slack  strava  apps 
7 days ago by dionidium
City planners zero in on cyclists through exercise app • Financial Times
Bethan Staton:
<p>When the UK capital built a “cycle superhighway” in 2016, Strava indicated where people had changed their route and showed that the number of cyclists increased by 60 per cent when a bike-only lane was built along the Victoria Embankment on the Thames. Planners can observe changes, such as many cyclists avoiding a direct route, to see where roads may be dangerous.

Granular data from Strava also show where cyclists have to stop and wait, information Ms Hall used to review traffic light patterns so more cyclists could get a clear run on their commute.

While recognising its potential, however, researchers warned that Strava and other crowdsourced data sets should be treated with caution. Giulio Ferrini, from cycling charity Sustrans, said the average Strava user was probably “not representative” of the average cyclist.

Strava says it has 5.5m users in the UK. But researchers fear they are a self-selecting group, filtered by an affinity for exercise apps that may make them more competitive than others. According to Ms Hall at TfL, they “tend to be more gung-ho”.

Relying on crowdsourced data, Mr Ferrini said, could lead to cities being designed for “white men in Lycra” who usually travel speedily from A to B and neglecting groups such as parents who cycle with their children to school.</p>

Data-powered policy decisions: enormously difficult, because how do you collect the best data without forcing people to participate in the collection? This is a good enough compromise, I suppose.
strava  cycling  london  data  freeourdata 
6 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Bandok - Give your rides the names they deserve.
Put an end to boring-ass ride names.
Connect to Strava and let us give your rides the names they deserve.
strava  cycling  funny 
8 weeks ago by ssorc

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