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Ten Year's Worth of Learnings About Pricing
This and many of pricing blog posts on his site are great.
pricing  startups  strategy  economics  business 
1 hour ago by ajohnson1200
Introducing C.A.R.E. – a simple framework for user onboarding - Inside Intercom
Convert trialists to paying customers
Activate newly paying customers
Retain paying customers
Expand their usage
product  company  customer  strategy  tactics  design  communication  sales 
yesterday by colm.mcmullan
No One Knows Your Strategy — Not Even Your Top Leaders
"Analysis of 124 organizations revealed that only 28% of executives and middle managers responsible for executing #strategy could list three of their company’s strategic priorities"
strategy  strategic_alignment  strategic_execution  mitsmr 
2 days ago by tom.reeder
Neither Good, nor Bad, nor Neutral | VDS Voices | Vanderbilt University
Historian of technology, Melvin Kranzberg, states that “Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral.” ... Kranzberg's sixth law states that “Technology is a very human activity—and so is the history of technology.”Dec 2, 2015
technology  quotes  strategy  history 
2 days ago by edsonm
Ten things I wish I had known ten years ago – MCNx London – Medium
Museums are complicated places to work and many of our colleagues aren’t deeply experienced with digital. Here are ten things I’ve learned the hard way which might help you get things done.
strategy  musetech  websites 
3 days ago by danamuses
What is a great Product Strategy, really? – UX Collective
Define vision & strategy, prioritize, communicate, create alignment, drive executing with impact, and make sure you have a winning team.
product-strategy  product-management  strategy 
3 days ago by cjackso
World's Largest Startup Company Platform |
Are you looking to hone in on your marketing strategy? Master these 3 fundamentals:
strategy  marketing  from twitter
3 days ago by jaymstr
The strange history of an imperial skirmish in Niger – Africa is a Country
What the war in Iraq and the endless occupation of Afghanistan could not accomplish, low-level US counterterrorism assistance in the Sahel could: initiate a sense of buyer’s remorse regarding the Global War on Terror. In other words, Africa is not worth it. From T.E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom to today, we understand that the Middle East glorifies empire. From Conrad’s Heart of Darkness to the present, we understand that Africa debases it.
strategy  politics  americana  argument  diplomacy  reference  read-later  imperialism 
3 days ago by kmt

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