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These Maps Reveal the Hidden Structures of 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Books - Atlas Obscura
Choose Your Own Adventure - diagrams of the story maps. "Each arrow represents a page, each circle a choice, and each square an ending. Dotted lines show where branches link to one another."
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yesterday by macloo
Welcome to Interactive Fiction - Atlas Obscura
Welcome to Interactive Fiction: You’re a Wizard-Sniffing Pig
How text-based games are changing way we tell stories.
games  webdev  storytelling  ideas  2017 
yesterday by macloo
Meet me on the bridge: Discovering the truth about my parents after 20 years - BBC News
Kati Pohler was abandoned in a market in China when she was three days old. Her parents left a note saying they would meet her on a famous bridge 10 or 20 years later. When the time arrived, it became a huge story in China, but Kati was living in America and had no idea. This is how she finally met her biological family.
bbc  storytelling  china  family 
yesterday by rrraul
Storytelling Mind
You talk to yourself too much.  You’re not unique in that.  Every one of us does.  We maintain our world with our inner dialogue.  A man (or woman) of knowledge is aware that the world will change completely as soon as they stop talking to themselves.
psychology  buddhist  storytelling  mind 
4 days ago by lenards
Storyframes before wireframes
"Browsing a well-crafted interface is like reading a great story. As designers, why are we not incorporating screenwriting techniques more often into our process?"
storytelling  webdesign  designthinking  wireframes  writing  copywriting 
4 days ago by garrettc
Grand Text Auto » The Story of Meehan’s Tale-Spin
Meehan’s project made the leap from assembling stories out of pre-defined bits (like the pages of a Choose Your Own Adventure book) to generating stories via carefully-crafted processes that operate at a fine level on story data.
generator  generative  text  story  stories  storytelling 
6 days ago by toastednut

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