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The rise of immutable data stores
Some innovators are abandoning long-held database principles. Why? The website for Room Key, a joint venture of six hotel chains to help travelers find and book lodging, collects data from as many as 17 million pages per month, records an average of 1. via Pocket
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22 hours ago by ChristopherA | Burton Snowboards
Burton and its team of pro riders develop products for snowboarding and the snowboard lifestyle, including snowboards, boots, bindings, outerwear and layering as well as year-round apparel, packs, bags, luggage, and accessories.
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2 days ago by dicewitch
Dangerous Things
Biohacking equipment for the discerning biohacker
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3 days ago by roggedoggelito
Universal Standard
Size-inclusive elevated essentials. Quality-focused, fit-obsessed. Free shipping and returns - always. Creators of Fit Liberty - if your size goes up or down within a year - we’ll replace your clothes for free.
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3 days ago by dicewitch

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