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Women cheated on stock options
Women get half the equity in tech jobs that men do
gender  tirefire  fairness  startups  stock 
6 days ago by nelson
As an investment, is much worse than a penny . As “miners” take money from bitcoin investors, when t…
bitcoin  stock  from twitter
9 days ago by rhyndes
Beautiful, free stock video footage for your homepage
Download royalty free (for personal and commercial use),
unique and beautiful video footage for your website or any project. No attribution required.
stock  video  background  videos  resources  free  webdesign  design  web 
11 days ago by theafter
Monte Carlo Simulation With GBM
Might be cool to use Monte Carlo Simulation on Daily Derby or Hotspot lotteries
monhon  lottery  stocks  stock  market  investopedia 
11 days ago by gorillaBraun
Fonds de cartes | Éducation
Fonds de cartes IGN de la France métropolitaine, des départements d’outre-mer et de l’Europe
stock  cartographie 
13 days ago by nwodt_cobalt

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