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Thermodynamics of Computation
“the time is ripe to pursue a new field of science and engineering: a modern thermodynamics of computation. This would combine the resource/time tradeoffs of concern in conventional CS with the thermodynamic tradeoffs in computation that are now being revealed. In this way we should be able to develop the tools necessary both for analyzing thermodynamic costs in biological systems and for engineering next-generation computers.”
nonequilibrium  stochastic  thermodynamics  physics  mathematics  computation 
10 weeks ago by danhon
page 13 gives a few example of how to calculate subgradients of some loss functions.
subgradient  sgd  stochastic  gradient  descent  example 
july 2018 by peng.zhang
Stochastic Orders Generated by Integrals: A Unified Study on JSTOR
If the proofs are clear, this would be a much faster check for closure under convolution, that is, just need to check that the generating family is "translation invariant".
stochastic  order  probability 
april 2018 by mpcasey

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