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A pure simlator for monadic concurrency with STM
5 weeks ago by FTS
STM32L4 Sensor Tile: Small, connected device for smelling and hearing in any environment.
This is a 20 mm x 20 mm four-layer pcb tile full of interesting sensors (ICS43434 I2S Digital Microphone, MPU6500 acclerometer/gyro, BME280 pressure/temperature/humidity, and CCS811 air quality) with a Rigado BMD-350 UART BLE bridge for sending data to a smart phone all managed by a STM32L432 host MCU.

The STM32L432 is programmed using the Arduino IDE via the USB connector and serial data can be displayed on the serial monitor to verify performance and proper function, etc. But it is intended to be powered by a small 150 mAH LiPo battery for wireless sensing applications. The STM32L4 is a very low power MCU and with proper sensor and radio management it is possible to get the average power usage down to the ~100uA level, meaning a 150 mAH LiPo battery can run the device for two months on a charge.
sensors  embedded  arduino  sensortile  stm  lowpower 
april 2019 by cyberchucktx
Is Haskell a good language to implement a WebSocket server? - Quora
Yes. Haskell has excellent performance on multi-threaded tasks (especially if you use STM: I've seen Haskell outperform C thanks to that), and Haskell programs tend to be a lot more stable than similar things written in other languages. Also: pattern match failures are a lot easier to fix than segfaults and null pointer exceptions.
Haskell  websockets  Webdevelopment  PROs  STM 
february 2019 by snearch

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