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Dear Tim Cook: I'm sorry I gave you a tough time today. I thought you didn't...
Dear Tim Cook: I'm sorry

I gave you a tough time today. I thought you didn't come up to some imaginary bar I held in my head. I didn't get why you didn't come out with bigger news. I didn't get why everyone in my network was telling me about the big things that were planned that didn't come out.

Now we know.

Today a guy I know at Facebook told me that Apple just "went dark" this weekend and stopped answering emails and phone calls (they had amazing new iPhone and iPad apps and a new developer platform all ready for announcing). Folks inside Facebook thought they had done something massively wrong. No, they hadn't. Truth is you had something deeper to deal with.

The fact that you, and your team, went on stage, knowing that Steve Jobs was close to death, is a testament to your professionalism. I felt that you had called it in a bit, but now I know the truth. You weren't calling it in at all. You were doing an amazing job while knowing what was coming.

Today I feel guilty because I gave you a tough time about your first press conference. Now that I know what was going on behind the scenes I owe you an apology. I'm sorry, I owe you and your team one.

My heart is with you during this tough time.
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3 days ago by sachitgupta
When Steve Jobs Taught Andy Warhol to Make Art on the Very First Macintosh (1984) | Open Culture
Journalist David Sheff, who wrote an early profile of Steve Jobs and conducted the last in-depth interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, remembers it well. In October 1984, he and Jobs attended the ninth-birthday party thrown by Ono for Sean, her son with Lennon. As a present, Jobs brought along one of his company's new Macintoshes and set it up himself in young Sean's bedroom. "Sean took control of the mouse, and rolled the small box along the floor," Sheff writes. "Steve said, 'Now hold the button down while you move it and see what happens.' Sean did, and a thin, jagged, black line, appeared on the screen. Sean, entranced, said, 'Cool!' He clicked the mouse button, pushed it around, and on the screen appeared shapes and lines, which he erased, and then he drew a sort of lion-camel and then a figure that he said was Boy George."
Though Boy George may not have been in attendance, the party's unsurprisingly fabulous guest list also included Andy Warhol (an "eccentric uncle" to Sean) and Keith Haring, both of whom Sheff remembers coming into the room as part of a crowd wanting to catch a glimpse of Sean's new toy. It wasn't long before Warhol, presumably compelled by the artistic impulse as well as by his fascination for all things new, asked if he could give it a try

In his diary, Warhol writes of entering Sean's room to find "a kid there setting up the Apple computer that Sean had gotten as a present, the Macintosh model. I said that once some man had been calling me a lot wanting to give me one, but that I'd never called him back or something, and then the kid looked up and said, 'Yeah, that was me. I'm Steve Jobs.'" But Jobs, possessed of as keen a promotional instinct as Warhol's own, assured him that the offer was still good, and that he would also give him a lesson in drawing on the Mac right then and there.
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29 days ago by nicoladagostino
An Oral History of Apple's Infinite Loop | WIRED
Apple’s old HQ holds stories of pizza ovens, iPhone secrets, baseball bats, and what happened to Steve Jobs’ office.
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4 weeks ago by toastednut
An Oral History of Apple's Infinite Loop
Apple’s old HQ holds stories of pizza ovens, iPhone secrets, baseball bats, and what happened to Steve Jobs’ office.
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4 weeks ago by newmarcel
In ‘Small Fry,’ Steve Jobs Comes Across as a Jerk. His Daughter Forgives Him. Should We? - The New York Times
What Lisa Brennan-Jobs wants readers to know is this: Steve Jobs rejected his daughter for years, but that daughter has absolved him

By Nellie Bowles
Aug. 23, 2018
Apple  SteveJobs 
7 weeks ago by mcbakewl
“I Have a Secret. My Father Is Steve Jobs”
Lisa Brennan-Jobs Recalls Memories of Her Famous Father
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8 weeks ago by mirthe

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