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Rec: [Marvel 616] To Make Much of Time by paraka
When Iron Man rejects Steve's romantic advances, Steve is disappointed, but of course he understands -- Iron Man's secret identity is important. But when a portal opens and Tony Stark crashes into their midst from twelve years in the future, Steve starts to suspect that there are more secrets here than he can even begin to comprehend, and neither Iron Man nor Tony are providing any answers.

Reccer Notes: This is so not the Marvel Movie Verse. It's strait up 1980's in the comics before CW before the new Cool Nick Furey. It's a blast of fun for long time comic readers. But if your not you'll still get a kick out of it.
marvel_616  steve_rogers/tony_stark  dema69_reccer  paraka_performer  teen_and_up  02:00:00-02:30:00  podfic 
february 2017 by podfic_love
Rec: Avengers: Leader Of The Free World by Opalsong
Summary: Clint Barton’s presidential campaign started as a joke. It didn’t end that way, except for Steve.

Rec Snippet: As always, Opalsong does excellent pacing, editing, and delightful character voices! My favorites were Clint, very dry and not-so-secretly trolling you 100% of the time, and Tony “Head of the Shadow Cabinet” Stark.
marvel_cinematic_universe  steve_rogers/tony_stark  bucky_barnes/clint_barton  teen_and_up  01:30:00-02:00:00  opalsong_performer  codeswitch_reccer  podfic 
november 2016 by podfic_love
podfic_love | MCU: The Best Ways to Shut Up Tony Stark by RsCreighton
Summary: Tony, Steve, a college AU, and a mud pit. And then cleanup. Dirty, dirty cleanup.

Reccer Notes: Ok, this podfic was WONDERFUL. I've talked before about how much I love Rose's voice, but I truly do just love her tone and character voices and the way she reads.
miss_marina95_reccer  explicit  steve_rogers/tony_stark  00:45:00-1:00:00  rscreighton_performer  marvel_cinematic_universe  podfic 
july 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: MCU: Love Among the Hydrothermal Vents by RsCreighton
Summary: In which Namor has a thing for Steve, an octopus has a thing for Tony, and Steve and Tony eventually have a thing for each other.

Rec Snippet: Her voice has always been really soothing and pleasant to me, and she voiced the nuances of this fic awesomely. I laughed more, pined more, cheered more, wailed more, and just felt this story so much more listening to this podfic, and it is rapidly becoming one of my go-to comfort podfics. A+ all around, honestly.
miss_marina95_reccer  rscreighton_performer  marvel_cinematic_universe  steve_rogers/tony_stark  explicit  02:00:00-02:30:00  podfic 
march 2016 by podfic_love
Rec: Marvel 616/Avengers: Secrets of a Successful Marriage by kerravon
Summary: Tony Stark lives a double life; he's secretly the supervillain known as Iron Man. But his loving husband Steve has a few secrets of his own, as Tony is about to discover.

Rec Snippet: "I love music in podfic, and from the start, the music used in this is to great effect. kerravon's narration is great, with the perfect intonation for all of Tony's inner thoughts, worries, and jokes, and I laughed through this. Very fun listen."
marvel_cinematic_universe  marvel_616  steve_rogers/tony_stark  02:30:00-03:00:00  explicit  vassalady_reccer  kerravon_performer  podfic 
november 2014 by podfic_love
Rec: Marvel Cinematic Universe: Run Program: DUM-E by kalakirya
Summary: Taking care of Tony is a lot of work. Especially when you’ve only got one arm. And your code dates back to the 1980s.

Rec Snippet: "The fic is written from Dummy's POV, and as such, it consists entirely of Dummy's program code and untagged dialogue. I would find it a bit hard to read, but luckily, I don't have to: Kalakirya to the rescue! And she does an amazing job of it. Her Dummy voice is perfectly done."
marvel_cinematic_universe  steve_rogers/tony_stark  kalakirya_performer  hardboiledbaby_reccer  02:00:00-02:30:00  podfic  mature 
september 2014 by podfic_love
Rec: Avengers: Even the Light is an Illusion by liannabob
Summary: Death threats are an unfortunate side-effect of being Tony Stark, so he's learned to ignore them. The problem is, when someone really wants you dead, hiding your head in the sand just kinda exposes your ass.

But it's not just Tony's behind on the line. Whoever wants him dead wants him to suffer first, and they're willing to do anything to make that happen. Tony knows there's only one way out. To save Steve, the Avengers, and the general public, Tony has to die. Of course, death isn't always the end, and Tony does what any other self-disrespecting scientist would do: he finds a way to fake his death and avenge his own murder.

The trouble is, terrible decisions usually have a terrible price, and this one is no different. Tony has a chance to save the day, but the cost may be more than Tony was ever expecting to pay…

Rec Snippet: "liannabob spins the tension incredibly well and I could not stop listening. When I got to the end I thought: "those 9 hours were not enough, I wanted it to go on forever". The first time I listened I ended up staying awake until the early hours of the morning listening all the way through. I have since listened at least five times. I recommend it that highly."
marvel_cinematic_universe  steve_rogers/tony_stark  liannabob_performer  knight_tracer_reccer  07:30:00-10:00:00  podfic  mature 
june 2014 by podfic_love
Rec: Avengers: In Which Tony Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury)
Summary: Steve takes things like personal responsibility and respect seriously. Tony's got people he pays to take care of that kind of thing, and anyway, he's pretty sure that he's going to die of some exotic disease in his workshop, because Dummy's still a little spotty about what is 'clean' enough to put on an open wound. The rest of the Avengers are in this for personal gain, except for Clint, he just enjoys being a dick.

And some things shouldn't be a chore. (summary of the first story in the series)

Rec Snippet: "Hananobira does an amazing job of balancing those two things. And the sound effect used for the roombas is probably my favourite use of sound effects in the whole series. I have basically spent all my free time of the last 3 days powering through this series and am loving it. And now I'm going to be eagerly waiting for the other stories in the series to be posted."
steve_rogers/tony_stark  clint_barton/phil_coulson  mature  over_20:00:00  hananobira_performer  paraka_reccer  podfic  marvel_cinematic_universe 
october 2013 by podfic_love
Rec: Avengers: Moments Lost in Time by Liannabob
Summary: "After the events of Civil War and the supposed death of Captain America, the United States' futre takes a turn for the dystopic. By the year 2028, Tony Stark finds himself imprisoned and going insane in a world where superhumans are hunted down, cameras fill every home, and loving another man is a capital offense. As he recalls the events that got him to this place, Steve Rogers makes plans for his escape. This story follows Marvel canon through the end of Civil War, then branches into an alternate future."

Rec Snippet: In short: A beautiful, expressive performance of a heartbreaking story.
liannabob_performer  mature  piscaria_reccer  steve_rogers/tony_stark  05:00:00-07:30:00  podfic  marvel_cinematic_universe 
october 2013 by podfic_love
Rec: Avengers: Be No Stranger (All Your Saints and Soldiers remix) by fire_juggler & paraka
Summary: That's the twenty-first century love song, baby. Glitz and glamour and every one of us is a liar.

Rec Snippet: "This is a splendid example of how a well-executed collab can add depth and dimension to the listening experience. On many levels, this podfic is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, as well as a great part of larger whole. Yay, team! *high-fives all around*"
avengers  paraka_performer  fire_juggler_performer  teen_and_up  hardboiledbaby_reccer  steve_rogers/tony_stark  00:30:00-00:45:00  podfic  bruce_banner  via:podfic_love 
september 2013 by noir_baby
Rec: Avengers: Be No Stranger (All Your Saints and Soldiers remix) by fire_juggler & paraka
Summary: That's the twenty-first century love song, baby. Glitz and glamour and every one of us is a liar.

Rec Snippet: "This is a splendid example of how a well-executed collab can add depth and dimension to the listening experience. On many levels, this podfic is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, as well as a great part of larger whole. Yay, team! *high-fives all around*"
paraka_performer  fire_juggler_performer  teen_and_up  hardboiledbaby_reccer  steve_rogers/tony_stark  bruce_banner  00:30:00-00:45:00  podfic  marvel_cinematic_universe 
september 2013 by podfic_love
The Beauty Asleep In The Workshop OR Sleeping Tony
In which Tony mouths off to a witch, catches up on his beauty sleep, and learns that True Love might not be such a crock after all. (His status as a princess, however, is still debatable.)
magic  The_Avengers  Steve_Rogers/Tony_Stark  author:cookinguptales 
september 2012 by smothertheflame
Tony's out of blood. Steve has a solution Tony doesn't like much.
The_Avengers  Steve_Rogers/Tony_Stark  vampires  author:velithya 
september 2012 by smothertheflame
The Vital Question
"Let's be honest, who wouldn't turn gay for Captain America?"
author:velithya  humor  The_Avengers  Steve_Rogers/Tony_Stark 
september 2012 by smothertheflame
At age fifteen, Steve Rogers had been in love with Tony Stark.

By age twenty, he’d (mostly) gotten over it. And then he promptly became Tony Stark's fuck buddy.
author:foxxcub  school!fic  au  The_Avengers  Steve_Rogers/Tony_Stark 
september 2012 by smothertheflame
Engaging the Enemy
Iron Man is one of the more persistent villains that the Ultimates face, with a special fondness for one Captain America. As Steve starts to findout more and more about him, the lines between hero and villain begin to blur. Sometimes, you don't have to be on the right side of the law to be in the right.
humor  au  evil!tony  The_Avengers  Steve_Rogers/Tony_Stark  author:Tsukinofaerii 
september 2012 by smothertheflame

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