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Inertia by apocryphal
Awesome! Derek and Cora are suffering through their road trip until they unexpectedly find Stiles waiting outside their motel door, worse for the wear. Love the slow build on all of their relationships - family, friendship, romance.
teenwolf  sterek  flangst  packfeels  awesome!cora  endearing!stiles  protective!derek  awesome!lydia  stilesandlydiafriendship 
18 hours ago by punkheid
The Trouble With Reclining Your Body in a Horizontal Position by apocryphal
;_; Stiles lies to people who don’t call him out on it, until Derek does. And realises that Stiles likes it. Painful.
teenwolf  sterek  preslash  angst  bittersweet 
20 hours ago by punkheid
Our Four-Stranded Braid by apocryphal
Single dad Derek has been watching Mr. S’s hair tutorials on YouTube, but still can’t braid his daughter Lydia’s (!) hair properly. Then Mr. S moves into the neighbourhood. Freaking adorable kidfic.
teenwolf  au  sterek  fluff  awesome!lydia  awesome!erika 
21 hours ago by punkheid
Introduction to Zero-Sum Anthropology by apocryphal
Stiles just wants to get Derek a nice housewarming gift, but Derek getting him a gift in return sparks a gift war. Adorable.
teenwolf  sterek  fluff  humour  ust  scottandstilesbrosforlife 
21 hours ago by punkheid
They Say It's Mighty Fine by apocryphal
Derek meets his mate when said mate tries to sneak into werewolf summer camp to be with his best buddy, True Alpha McCall. Bonding and plotting and thirteen-year-old banter!
teenwolf  au  sterek  scottandstilesbrosforlife  stilesandlydiafriendship  awesome!lydia  fluff  humour  packfeels 
21 hours ago by punkheid
Sevens and Eights by calrissian18
This is quite unusual, and I like it! Stiles and Derek have been best friends since they were children. Stiles falls in love with straight Derek, who still loves him more than anyone else. I’m no longer convinced by the split attraction model, but it’s still interestingly used here. I can’t help but think that it’s not going to work out, but it’s totally believable to me that they would try.
teenwolf  sterek  au  jealous!stiles  jealous!derek  pining!stiles  protective!derek  bittersweet 
8 days ago by punkheid
you are the sound that I hear by paxlux
Pack-mom!Stiles :) Kinda. Stiles decides to do something nice for Derek.
teenwolf  sterek  fluff 
24 days ago by punkheid
way out east there might be a way out by paxlux
Post-apocalyptic wasteland AU, in which Stiles saves Derek’s life and they end up trekking through the barren, dangerous landscape together, Derek pretty much falling head over heels immediately. In-love-and-can’t-believe-that-Stiles-could-love-him-back!Derek is the best Derek.
teenwolf  au  sterek  ust  scottandstilesbrosforlife  bamf!stiles  protective!derek  endearing!derek 
29 days ago by punkheid
a dying breed that still believes by paxlux
Wing!fic!!!!!!! Stiles has wings!! And a werewolf in love with him and a bunch of puppies to help train and some sketchy dudes to evade and lots of puns to make. Amazing characterisation and writing.
teenwolf  au  sterek  bamf!stiles  pining!derek  protective!derek  jealous!derek  packfeels  scottandstilesbrosforlife  awesome!sheriff  ust  lovelovelove 
4 weeks ago by punkheid
Lodestar by paxlux
Awesome AU in which the pack, the Sheriff, and Deaton are hunters and Derek hasn’t entirely realised that he’s in love with Stiles.
teenwolf  sterek  au  pining!stiles  ust  protective!derek  jealous!derek 
4 weeks ago by punkheid
Miles Away by sori
Derek leaves on a road-trip that turns into a longer stay that he could have imagined. While the rest of the pack solidify around Scott, Stiles and Derek text. Quiet, slow-build. Stiles and Derek getting what they want and need.
teenwolf  sterek  ust  protective!derek 
5 weeks ago by punkheid
Just Act Normal by zosofi
Stiles has been avoiding going back to Beacon Hill for years, and in that time has managed to become an Oscar-winning actor. Love the characterisation of him as having gained confidence and learned how to conduct himself how he wants to. His agent sends him on a mandatory vacation back home, where he can no longer avoid the pack. Their reactions are perfect. Especially Derek being all over him, seemingly unconsciously.
teenwolf  sterek  ust  pining!derek  pining!stiles  protective!derek  possessive!derek  bamf!stiles  scottandstilesbrosforlife  packfeels  scenting  lovelovelove 
5 weeks ago by punkheid
How Derek Got His Groove Back by WhoNatural
Derek, 40, is entranced by the gorgeous young assistant at the law firm handling his divorce.
teenwolf  au  sterek  pwp  ust 
6 weeks ago by punkheid
Not Like Bond & Moneypenny by WhoNatural
The angst-ridden separation and "now he'll hate me forever" was a little over the top and convoluted but Stiles' characterisation is excellent, as is the UST and all of Stiles' friendships with the rest of the cast.
teenwolf  au  sterek  awesome!laura  awesome!scott  scottandstilesbrosforlife  ust  pining!stiles  pining!derek  jealous!derek  flangst  awesome!erica 
6 weeks ago by punkheid
Christmas Moon by Venivincere
Adorable, Christmas-time, playing-in-the-snow, soup-with-crusty-bread fluff.
teenwolf  sterek  fluff 
6 weeks ago by punkheid
Darling It Is No Joke by The Hoyden
Summary: The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper.
sterek  fanfiction  fanfic  teenwolf 
6 weeks ago by keslightfeather
Stop Waiting for the Punchline by LadyLade
Stiles assumes that Derek’s pulling a cruel prank on him when he tells him he likes him.
teenwolf  sterek  misunderstandings 
7 weeks ago by punkheid
We Den Our Hearts Here by LadyLade
Stiles is the best with the pile of wolf pups that Derek has inadvertently adopted.
teenwolf  sterek  preslash  fluff 
7 weeks ago by punkheid
Your Touch Was a Claim, and Now You're Mine by LadyLade
Drunk!Stiles has his hands all over Derek and Derek’s wolf loves it.
teenwolf  sterek  ust  possessive!derek  awesome!lydia 
7 weeks ago by punkheid

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