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here at the end of all things by coffeeinallcaps
Chris brings a seriously injured Stiles into the post-Were War camp that he and Derek run. The world is hinted at intriguingly, an atmosphere of just keeping on surviving (and how Stiles' spark may change that in the future) skillfully created with spare writing.
teenwolf  AU  sterek  pining!derek  bamf!stiles 
23 hours ago by punkheid
Plot Twist: Derek's Still a Virgin by coffeeinallcaps
Title says it all XD (Except for how this needs to change asap in order to avoid being sacrificed, and it just makes sense to get rid of Stiles' virginity at the same time...)
teenwolf  sterek  humour  pwp 
yesterday by punkheid
Trying to Break Through by coffeeinallcaps
It's just sex. Right? Basically Stiles waiting patiently for Derek to be capable of talking about emotions <3
teenwolf  sterek  endearing!derek  fluff 
yesterday by punkheid
Unwind by coffeeinallcaps
This starts out as a fun escort!Stiles businessman!Derek pwp with feelings, and then suddenly develops plot! There are interesting asides about wider werewolf politics and pack dynamics too.
teenwolf  sterek  pining!derek  pining!stiles  flangst  packfeels  AU 
yesterday by punkheid
How far do I have to go to get to you by toomuchplor
Scott and Stiles are having a night playing video games and eating too much when Derek appears. Instead of interrupting their return to drama-free life, he somehow ends up in Stiles' clothes, with a Wii controller in his hand.
teenwolf  sterek  pwp  scottandstilesbrosforlife  fluff 
2 days ago by punkheid
an endless road (to rediscover) by coffeeinallcaps
Stiles and Scott are a very intense and co-dependent version of friends with benefits. Derek gets weird about it.
teenwolf  sterek  stiles/scott  jealous!derek  scottandstilesbrosforlife  pwp 
2 days ago by punkheid
Say it Sweet by morganoconner
Derek has been captured by hunters and dosed up with an interrogation blend of wolfsbane, so that he's a lot more chatty than usual when Stiles comes to rescue him...
teenwolf  sterek  fluff 
7 days ago by punkheid
I Forgot All The Rules Today by entanglednow
asdfghjkl;' Derek won't touch him until he's older, but Stiles is always pushing at boundaries.
teenwolf  sterek  hothothot  pwp  ust 
8 days ago by punkheid
cool story, bro by drunktuesdays
AU in which Stiles has a twin brother named Brad who's always seemed to get everything - he's somehow better looking, even though they're identical, he's more popular, he's the star of the Lacrosse team - so when Brad is bitten and therefore muscles in on the one thing that Stiles had just for himself, Stiles is pissed. I love their relationship, and that it stays important. I love this Derek, taking what he thinks is all he can get.
teenwolf  sterek  AU  lovelovelove  pining!derek  oblivious!stiles  jealous!stiles 
8 days ago by punkheid
bigger, longer and uncut by drunktuesdays
"Derek walks away, because he’s learned that sometimes he’s never going to be able to join in on the joke, and this conversation is just making him have more questions. Like, why is Stiles so obsessed? Is he grossed out by uncut cocks or does he like them? Is Stiles cut? His face starts heating up the way it always does when he starts thinking about Stiles like that and he ducks into the shower, manfully ignoring the new round of laughter from downstairs."
teenwolf  sterek  pwp  endearing!derek 
8 days ago by punkheid
anything, anything by drunktuesdays
Stiles and Derek wake up in a world where they've been married for years, where everyone else is happy that they're together, but they have no memory of even dating.
teenwolf  sterek  amnesia  flangst 
8 days ago by punkheid
A Swinger of Birches by drunktuesdays
"The artifact takes him to a dark cave, one he hasn’t seen before. If he’d been back longer, gotten back in the paranoid mindset needed to survive Beacon Hills, that alone would have stopped him. There’s no part of the Preserve that he hasn’t ran through, no tree, no leaf, no rock he doesn’t know. He’s off balance and unready so he skids right into the entrance, stops only when the light on the stone winks right out. He’s turning to face Scott and Stiles, but there’s a rumble, and he has just enough time to throw himself to the ground, to duck and protect his head as rocks fall around him, the ceiling to the cave collapsing with a choking cloud of dust." Stiles and Derek play claw, knot, or mate to pass the time while Derek's stuck in the cave XD
teenwolf  sterek  fluff  humour 
8 days ago by punkheid
Dinomite by drunktuesdays
Gaaahhhh, so endearing!

"(303): apparently while i was high i thought that putting a dinosaur temporary tattoo on my inner thigh would keep me from taking my pants off and having sex with him…

(303): …it didn’t…"
teenwolf  sterek  fluff  pining!derek  pining!stiles  oblivious!stiles  oblivious!derek 
8 days ago by punkheid
Five First Dates by drunktuesdays
Stiles announces that the pack's new mission is finding him an amazing date for Isaac's wedding. Derek is not happy about them taking him up it.
teenwolf  sterek  jealous!derek  pining!derek  comfort-read  packfeels  humour 
8 days ago by punkheid
you know you're on my mind by bibliosexual
Derek (who lives in America) and Stiles (who lives in Poland) are penpals, beginning through school, now keeping in touch via text and Skype as well. Derek's feelings are getting out of control. ADORABLE.
teenwolf  sterek  fluff  pining!derek  pining!stiles  jealous!derek  jealous!stiles  oblivious!derek 
8 days ago by punkheid
Pussy Galore by kalpurna
Derek Hale gets turned into a cat. There is purring *_*
teenwolf  sterek  humour  fluff 
8 days ago by punkheid
Fascination by kalpurna
"Stiles is sitting in English class when the thought first occurs to him. They’ve been talking about the ending of Jane Eyre, and Rochester’s fate, and the concept of disability as punishment, and his mind jumps to Derek ordering him to cut off his arm, and he wonders idly whether the arm would have grown back or, more likely, just healed over the stump immediately, and huh, he thinks with a sudden thrill, huh, there’s no way Derek Hale is circumcised."
teenwolf  sterek  pwp  hothothot  pining!derek 
8 days ago by punkheid
The Well of Living Waters by kalpurna
"King Derek takes a consort." This is so epic - the politics and the world-building are great, hinted at or incorporated into the story so smoothly; it's fascinating. The plot is simple and yet so rich with detail that its unfolding is riveting. Stiles is wonderful, snarky and uncertain and curious and determined.
teenwolf  sterek  mpreg  bamf!stiles  jealous!derek  protective!derek  oblivious!derek  pining!derek  pining!stiles  awesome!sheriff  lovelovelove  endearing!derek 
8 days ago by punkheid
Knowing What You Want by Desdemon
Stiles' first date, with the hot mechanic who was bitten by the kanima, is crashed by Derek. I really like this characterisation of Stiles.
teenwolf  sterek  jealous!derek  oblivious!stiles 
9 days ago by punkheid

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