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b-boy bouiebaisse on Twitter: "shorter pinker: “i too am mad that black people can say the n-word”… "
(Not such a good sign about Stephen Pinker, eh?)
“shorter pinker: ‘i too am mad that black people can say the n-word’”
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How to be a better writer: 6 tips from a master linguist
Some excellent advice on plain language:
"Via The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person's Guide to Writing in the 21st Century:

'Classic writing with this assumption of equality between a writer and reader makes the reader feel like a genius. Bad writing makes the reader feel like a dunce.

'Imagine you're telling a friend who is as smart as you are something they don't know.'

"Here's Pinker:
'…imagine that you are in a conversation with a reader who is as competent as you are, but happens not to know some things that you know. And you orient the reader so that they can see something in the world with their own eyes that you have noticed, but they have not yet noticed… A symmetry between reader and writer. A conversational, informal style. A determination to be visual and concrete. An excitement about showing the reader something in the world that the reader can see for themselves, rather than concentrating on the activity of the people who have studied that thing. '"
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