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Are Mosaic Plots Worthwhile? | Perceptual Edge
Mosaic plots "aren’t necessary, because everything that they reveal can be seen using bar graphs. Mosaic plots are the result of a well-intentioned effort to put complex, multidimensional, part-to-whole data into a single graph. While it’s important to view all of the parts at once, it isn’t necessary to squeeze them into a single graph. A coordinated set of bar graphs can reveal the same relationships in a way that can be more easily and accurately perceived and understood."
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Visual Business Intelligence - Why Do We Visualize Quantitative Data?
Stephen Few's proposed reasons for why visualization helps human beings analyze quantitative data. Also some common myths about data visualization. Why visualize: Human brains can perform quantitative tasks graphically: 1) seeing the big picture, 2) Easily and rapidly compare values, 3) See patterns among values, and 4) Compare patterns to each other.
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Quantitative Distribution Displays, Conventional and Potential
Stephen Few's take on showing the statistical distribution of values across a given population. Compares and contrasts histograms, strip plots, quantile plots (strip plot divided into intervals, e.g. quartile for one-fourth or quarter intervals, decile for 10%-intervals). Box plots with outliers. Frequency polygons compared to box plots. New ways of representing information include adding median and range values in thin bars under a histogram column chart, along with outliers. On-demand interactive shape changes, between box and whisker plot and a frequency polygon (line graph), made available with a mouse click. Hierarchial histograms.
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What is "Big Data?" Visual Business Intelligence – If Big Data Is Anything at All, This Is It
Stephen Few's take on the term "Big Data" and the history around it. He defines it as, "Big Data is a rapid increase in public awareness that data is a valuable resource for discovering useful and sometimes potentially harmful knowledge." Also, "Data is indeed a valuable resource, but only if we develop the skills to make sense of it and find within the vast and exponentially growing noise those relatively few signals that actually matter."
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Visual Business Intelligence – Performance Measurement
How to gather requirements for what should be included on a useful dashboard. Book recommendation from data visualization maven Stephen Few who knows the author (Stacey Barr) and recommends her when people have requirements questions around dashboard design.
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Display Platforms for Quantitative Information
Stephen Few's comparison of quantitative data display platforms. Quantitative data displays are typically used for: Lookup, Narrative (telling a story), monitoring, guided data analysis, exploratory data analysis (EDA), and predictive analysis. Display platforms that support those uses are: Lookup report, Explanatory Report, Infographic, Live presentation, Dashboard, Analytical Application, EDA Tool, Predictive Model. Those platforms vary by characteristics: Interaction (users working with the data), Frequency of use, Data update frequency, Urgency of response, Analytical sophistication of the audience/users, and medium of display (paper, screen, desktop, tablet, smartphone).
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january 2015 by jflorablack
Bullet Graph Design Specification -
Stephen Few's super-detailed graphic specification for making bullet charts/graphs. Includes color, stroke width, and color intensity for comparing different states of data values and ranges.
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january 2015 by jflorablack

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