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F.D.A. Cracks Down on ‘Unscrupulous’ Stem Cell Clinics (Sheila Kaplan, Denise Grady, New York Times)
" The agency reported actions against two large stem cell clinics and a biotech company, saying that it was critical to shut down “unscrupulous actors” in regenerative medicine, a broad umbrella that includes stem cell and gene therapies and immunotherapies. "
august 2017 by kellyramsey
States play catch-up on stem cells (Martin Kasindorf, USA Today) (2004 Dec 17)
" A few states — notably New Jersey, Wisconsin and Illinois — are rushing to catch up with California in encouraging stem cell research, with an eye on the prestige and economic benefits that could result.

" Elsewhere, social conservatives are moving to block embryonic stem cell research. Because harvesting stem cells from an embryo requires destroying it, the issue "has crossed lines with the exposed nerve of abortion politics in this country," "
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december 2013 by kellyramsey
Stem-cell science an election issue in 3 states (Christine Vestal, Pew) (2008 Oct 09)
" But this year, both Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and Republican candidate John McCain say they support federal funding of the science, although McCain would limit funding to studies that do not involve human cloning techniques. "

" As a result, state politicians who favor the science can no longer point to a lack of support in Washington as cause to take action, and tanking state budgets make it unlikely any politician would advocate appropriating state revenues for the research. At the same time, politicians who oppose the science on moral grounds are loath to talk about limiting the research, since a wide majority of Americans say they approve of it. "
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december 2013 by kellyramsey
New discovery may advance stem-cell research - VR-Zone
New research from a team of scientists identifies methods of regulating stem cell niches, leading to possible future advancements in stem cell research. Stem cells, which support tissue regeneration and function, can be found in so-called stem cell niches. Carnegie’s Yixian Zheng and Haiyang Chen have identified a method by which one can regulate these [...]

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New  discovery  may  advance  stem-cell  research 
july 2013 by vrzone
Harper: 'No' on 'personhood' question (Charlie Harper @ Savannah Morning News)
" Had Georgia Right To Life not broken with the pledges most Republicans (and some Democrats) had signed, which allowed for three exceptions, there would be mutually agreed upon language on which to build legislation. Then lawmakers could work toward winning the hearts and minds of Georgians on this very sensitive topic. "
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july 2012 by kellyramsey
Ohio 'personhood' push faces hurdle (AP)
" With less than two weeks before a crucial July deadline, the group's director says it has close to 20,000, or 5 percent, of the roughly 385,000 signatures required for the proposed personhood constitutional amendment to appear on November ballots. "
abortion  stem-cell  Ohio 
june 2012 by kellyramsey
Battle with GOP lawmakers over stem cells could cost U-M state aid (David Jesse, Detroit Free Press)
" This time, Republicans on the subcommittee are upset with what they call U-M's "thumbing of their nose" at requests for information about embryonic stem cells. Several lawmakers said that if they don't get the information -- required under language passed in last year's budget -- they'll look at docking U-M's state aid. "
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march 2012 by kellyramsey
Stem cell controversy could see new life with regent election shuffle (Kevin Abourezk, Lincoln Journal-Star)
" Two of the three departing regents, Chuck Hassebrook of Lyons and Jim McClurg of Lincoln, opposed a proposal considered by the Board of Regents in November 2009 that would have limited embryonic stem cell research at the University of Nebraska Medical Center to only cell lines approved under former President George W. Bush. Expansion had become a possibility since President Barack Obama relaxed the Bush guidelines. "
stem-cell  Nebraska 
march 2012 by kellyramsey
One Nevada group opposing abortion withdraws election measure, supports another (AP)
" The initiative, “Unalienable Right to Life of Prenatal Persons is Protected” was withdrawn by the Nevada Prolife Coalition.

" Organizers said they will work with members of Personhood Nevada to collect signatures for its proposal called “The Right to Life for Young and Old Alike.”

" “Working in tandem on only one prolife personhood initiative, rather than two, will make the best use of the limited time remaining before the June 19 deadline,” said Chet Gallagher, director of Nevada Prolife Coalition. “It’s still a big job, but pooling our resources may provide the edge we need to succeed in this important task.” "
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march 2012 by kellyramsey
Another Republican joins Missouri governor race (AP)
" Fred Sauer, who heads Missouri Roundtable for Life, filed Monday with the secretary of state's office to run in the August Republican primary.

" Sauer, of St. Louis, is the fourth Republican in the field of potential challengers to Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon. Other GOP candidates include St. Louis businessman Dave Spence and Kansas City attorney Bill Randles.

Missouri Roundtable for Life was among the groups that successfully challenged a newly created state fund designed to offer incentives to science and technology companies. "
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march 2012 by kellyramsey

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