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Islamic fundamentalist Corbyn should be ashamed of himself – if only he'd been more like Thatcher | Mark Steel
Corbyn supported every gay rights campaign at a time when it was considered extremist to do so. And the way he managed to be an extremist Islamic fundamentalist and an extremist gay rights fanatic at the same time only shows how dangerous he is.
16th  august  2018  mark  steel  independent  politics  jeremy  corbyn 
yesterday by pnjman
The real victims of Boris Johnson's remarks about Muslim women are the people who paid for his Eton education | Mark Steel
Johnson’s column is all about intellectual humour. Next week it’ll be: ‘Oh gawd, here comes Abdul and his wife the letterbox. I wonder why they’re walking, is the camel out of order?’
9th  august  2018  mark  steel  independent  politics  boris  johnson 
7 days ago by pnjman
Hand Tool Rescue Wrench — Hand Tool Rescue
The finest in antique wrenchery, this wrench is based off an 1879 Patent by
Charles Billings.  Each one is made from 1/2in solid steel and
case-hardened, just like it was made back then.  Left-handed wrenches have
the open slot and markings milled on the other side than in the photos.

Compared to modern adjustable wrenches, the finer threads on the adjuster
of this wrench allow for a tighter grip on fasteners. The jaws, being
perpendicular to the handle, allow for more potentia...
hand  tool  rescue  wrench  buy  online  shop  antique  steel 
10 days ago by snipergirl
The Government has been thorough on Brexit, and thoroughly failed | Mark Steel
So it’s all fine, like if the doctor examined you and said: “I’m just going to call the undertaker and the crematorium, and order some flowers and give you some hymns to choose from."
6th  august  2018  mark  steel  daily  mirror  politics  brexit 
11 days ago by pnjman
The fact that Corbyn didn't yell abuse at a Holocaust survivor definitely makes him antisemitic | Mark Steel
The Tories are genuinely appalled by it all, which is why they would never allow their prominent members to associate with an anti-Semite. Instead Boris Johnson has been meeting Steve Bannon, who gives his support to inclusive liberal groups such as the EDL.
2nd  august  2018  independent  mark  steel  politics 
15 days ago by pnjman
Theresa May has consistently voted for the worst option throughout her political career – there's something to be said for that | Mark Steel
As a politician it’s a major selling point, so you can say, ‘At least I’m not like that untrustworthy arse who opposed apartheid and Section 28 and Pinochet and the Iraq War’.
26th  july  2018  theresa  may  mark  steel  politics  independent 
21 days ago by pnjman
Brexit is so far from ‘strong and stable’, literally any two words in the dictionary could describe it better | Mark Steel
Ministers that resigned over Brexit might as well have resigned because we should insist Denmark is turned upside-down and Germany gives us two of their World Cups.
19th  july  2018  mark  steel  independent  politics  brexit 
25 days ago by pnjman

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