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Why not let the DUP run the whole of the British government? At least they're united | Mark Steel
The good news is that instead of dull press conferences, the Bank of England will be asked to announce all future changes in interest rates by painting them on a mural in East Belfast with someone on a white horse.
11th  mark  steel  politics  independent  2018  october 
4 days ago by pnjman
Theresa May admitted it ‘makes no sense’ to do what she's insisted on for the past decade – does that really deserve praise? | Mark Steel
Of few meaningful announcements, the prime minister promised to allow councils to borrow money to build houses, which councils have been demanding – and the Tories have opposed – for decades.
4th  october  2018  independent  mark  steel  politics  conservatives 
10 days ago by pnjman
I'm not worried that we're stockpiling food for Brexit – if anything, I'm glad | Mark Steel
Eventually we’ll be fighting each other to the death for an OXO cube, grunting ‘we’ve got our country back’.
politics  mark  steel  independent  27th  september  2018  brexit 
18 days ago by pnjman
How to Season a Wok and Daily Wok Care - The Woks of Life
How to season a wok before first use and how to build a non-stick patina on your wok. Easy-to-follow carbon steel wok care and maintenance is easy!
season  carbon  steel  iron  wok 
24 days ago by llimllib
Theresa May is trying to make us so bored with Brexit that we agree to anything | Mark Steel
No one will ever satisfy the people who scream complaints such as 'We used to have proper singers, like Engelbert Humperdinck, before the EU made all our music go metric'.
mark  politics  steel  independent  20th  september  2018  brexit 
25 days ago by pnjman

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