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High School Bucket List - jflawless
Jackson has always wanted to know what it's like to be an average high school student, and Mark has been an average high school student for four years, so they're kind of a perfect match.
au:non-famous  fandom:got7  note:america  main.ship:markson  status:complete  medium:fic  note:cute!  au:idol  note:au 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
tea lights - gotchick
in his first year of high school, jackson joins the astronomy club and meets a quiet, star-loving boy called mark.
fandom:got7  status:complete  status:multi-chapter  medium:fic  note:slowburn  au:non-famous  note:au  main.ship:markson  genre:romance 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
Not Safe For Work - roachprince
Office worker Kim Taehyung doesn't take work safety very seriously. Work safety instructor Min Yoongi doesn't particularly care.

[ chaotic taegi. ]
main.ship:taegi  medium:fic  au:office  note:au  note:humor  fandom:bts  status:complete 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
A Different Kind of Magic - tryst
Wherein, Taehyung doesn't really need extra Potions help, but could definitely use a hug and Yoongi is pretty indifferent about being a tutor, but is down to hold hands.
au:hp/hogwarts  main.ship:taegi  medium:fic  genre:fantasy  status:complete  note:au  fandom:bts 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
Like, Comment and Subscribe - mucha
“You wish. No, they were mostly…” Yoongi pauses, searching for the right words. “Well, about my hands?”

“Huh.” Namjoon stares into the distance, chewing slowly. Then he shrugs and sends Yoongi a wide grin. “Well, your hands are nice, can’t argue there.”

(Or; Taehyung is a YouTuber, Yoongi likes to review albums online, and somewhere between that, they fall in love)
au:non-famous  au:youtubers  note:au  medium:fic  fandom:bts  main.ship:taegi  au:college  status:complete 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
lovesick, the beat inside my head - seungmin
Yoongi gets blackmailed via Snapchat into a systematic exploitation of every food truck known to man in an attempt to craft the perfect date. There’s only one issue. That date? Yeah, it’s not for him.
note:au  au:non-famous  au:college  fandom:bts  status:complete  main.ship:taegi  medium:fic 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
light a match, set my heart ablaze - sunsmiles
Yoongi's personally customized hell looks like this: waking up at 7am, dealing with emotions, and pretending to be his ex' boyfriend for a week.

[ fake dating, kinda heavy. ft. emotionally constipated yoongi. ]
note:au  note:break.up.make.up  au:office  fandom:bts  status:multi-chapter  note:angst  medium:fic  status:complete  main.ship:taegi 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
i didn't know i was lonely 'til i saw your face - Anonymous
Jackson notices Mark well before Mark notices Jackson, and once he starts, he can't stop.

[ mark is blind. ]
note:disabled.char  note:cute!  main.ship:markson  status:complete  medium:fic  fandom:got7  note:au 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
I Wanted a Soul Mate But All I Got Was This Wang - jflawless
At the very base, if you remove all the ridiculous décor from each letter, it spells WANG.
fandom:got7  status:complete  note:humor  note:au  main.ship:markson  au:soulmates  medium:fic 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
caught in a lie - booksinaballroom
In other words, Taehyung is what might be better known as a con artist.

fandom:bts  note:cute!  note:au  note:humor  status:complete  au:soulmates  medium:fic  main.ship:taegi 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
chewing gum
"do you want a piece of gum, hyung?"

or: all yoongi wants is a piece of gum, and maybe a piece of taehyung.
fandom:bts  main.ship:taegi  note:canon-compliant  status:complete  note:cute!  medium:fic 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
but not for me
Taehyung’s straightforward, he thinks. A 2 + 2 = 4 kind of guy. He’s just not always sure that his 2’s are other people’s 2’s. Sometimes it seems like they might be 3’s. Or 7’s. But Yoongi’s 2’s are the same 2’s, they’re just in italics, size 8 font, while Taehyung’s are in bold and size 72.


People think Yoongi and Taehyung are dating. Taehyung wishes they were.
fandom:bts  medium:fic  note:angst  au:non-famous  main.ship:taegi  au:college  note:au  status:complete 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
breathtaking and fantastic
Yoongi saves Taehyung's life. Problem? Now Taehyung won't shut up about Suga, and Yoongi has a hard time trying to hide his identity.
fandom:bts  medium:fic  status:complete  main.ship:taegi  au:superheroes  note:au 
yesterday by ifonlynotnever
here's the answer
"what are you trying to find?"

taehyung smiles, bright and fake. "you know what, i don't know yet."

[ taehyung runs. yoongi waits. ]
fandom:bts  medium:fic  main.ship:taegi  genre:romance  note:au  note:angst  status:complete  au:non-famous 
5 days ago by ifonlynotnever
truth's like blood underneath your fingernails - Chapter 1 - Choices_We_Make, questionsthemselves - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
"Slytherin would do well, help you on the path to greatness," the hat seems to be coaxing him, but for something that can read his mind, it sure doesn't seem to know him very well.

Harry doesn't want greatness. He doesn't need his name in lights and on everyone's lips. He wants meals, hot ones, whenever he wants, with people that he likes and that like him. Friends he can have adventures with, huddle under the blankets with at night and laugh with. People who might think… think he's worth something.


In which Harry is sorted into Slytherin, and Snape deals with the fallout.
fandom:hp  char:harry  char:snape  trope:au  status:complete  status:series  hp:different-sorting  trope:childabuse  trope:injured  trope:foundfamily 
5 days ago by emsih
bombs and bullets - ashinan - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
A failed exploration mission leaves Garrison Cadets Lance and Hunk stranded on the outskirts of Galra controlled space. Forced to find new careers to survive, Lance takes up bounty hunting to make ends meet. Three years, a flawless record, and still not enough coin to speak of makes the newest bounty mission impossible to turn down. A one-way ticket back to Earth is nearly too good to be true. Lance can’t say no.

Apprehend fugitive 117-9875.

How hard can that be?
fandom:voltron  status:multichapter  status:complete  wordcount:30-40k  source:ao3  author:ashinan  pairing:hunk/lance  pairing:shiro/keith  genre:au-canondivergence  category:space  category:ontherun  category:bountyhunter  character:vld/sendak  character:team 
5 days ago by thirteenhours
( MCU ) Getting Warmer
Loki flirts his way into Stephen's bedroom, silver tongued and seductive, and Stephen is ever so weak to say no.

It's just casual. No strings attached. Zero commitments.

Stephen is totally fine with this.

stumbled across this randomly while clicking through ao3 stuff and honestly i'd never even heard of the pairing let alone thought about it but i was intrigued by the idea so i read this and ... it really got me fam ... this author leaned right on in to the small interaction they had in ragnarok AND in the side of them both being sorcerers? and it? worked for me????
author:surveycorpsjean  fandom:mcu  fandom:avengers  pairing:loki/strange  rating:explicit  status:complete  wc:25k~ 
8 days ago by sylladex
( HP ) 12 Days of What The Fuck
When Potter starts paying unusual amounts of attention to Draco as the holidays draw nearer, Draco can't figure out where it's coming from—possibly because he's gone stupid from all the fantastic sex. But what happens when he finds out that there may be another motive behind Potter's sudden interest?

Or: A fic in which Potter is hotter than Draco ever let himself admit, Draco didn't fill out that fucking form, and Pansy may or may not lose all of her hair.
fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  status:complete  rating:explicit  wc:25k~  author:bixgirl1 
8 days ago by sylladex
( HP ) Running on Air
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.

this fic is so beautiful and vivid, i cried lmao. absolutely one of my fav fics of all time, across all fandoms tbh. it has over 4k bookmarks on ao3 and deserves at least double of that.
fandom:harrypotter  pairing:harry/draco  wc:75k~  rating:pg13  status:complete  author:eleventy7  trope:slowburn  genre:mystery 
8 days ago by sylladex

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